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  1. Congratulations to you @Junior and @LaFleur! Well earned both of you.
  2. Happy birthday, Nate!

    1. HelperNate


      Thank you, Sebbe.

  3. The latest ban that I got banned was probably on the Hangout chat a while ago when there was a guy on there who hacked the chat and banned every single one that were on the chat. All the other bans I don't really remember, lol.
  4. A Nintendo Switch? Oh, wow, sounds really amazing! What an absolutely nice gift that your fiancee gave you. Did you just get the Nintendo Switch? Or did you also get some games too on the side to it?
  5. That's just absolutely amazing! Are you pleased and happy over the Christmas gifts that you received?
  6. Sounds really good to hear. Not a bad one really. What to expect tonight in the rest of your Christmas gifts will probably be something really amazing. I can tell now myself to you all what I got this morning in my Christmas gifts. I got: Apple Airpods (wireless ones) cause I hate these ones that is non-wireless ones because they are just a pain and I get panic when they get tangled up. A Peak Performance Jacket (black) which I am really proud over that I got. No regrets. A new perfume (a Polo Ralph Lauren) one which is one of my most favorite perfume
  7. I want to wish you all on this Community a Merry Christmas and hope this Christmas will fill you all with so much happiness and love as possible. Sending you all my warmest hugs and wishing you all the best Christmas. P:S: Feel free to comment down below also if you want and tell us all what you got for Christmas.
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