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  1. Brand New Mix by Dj Funny 



  2. Very interesting plan, working as a team make the success more easily and stronger. You are a great xat supporter as well as all of us. Well done!
  3. No te compliques mucho @Guanaco solo utiliza el Guion bajo: _ | ejemplo: Hola_dj <-- eso quedaria en tu nick asi: Hola dj (el guion bajo se convierte en un espacio). 1 guion bajo _ equivale a 1 espacio 2 guines bajos __ equivale a 2 espacios, etc... Espero te haya funcionado el comando anterior Alt + 255, de lo contrario usa el guion bajo (que es mas facil para mi). Saludos!
  4. Happy Birthday! 

    Happy We Love You GIF by BrittDoesDesign

  5. I agreed, I missed all these old kisses, specially the couple that were dancing (like rock and roll style)... Please bring them back...
  6. Interesting suggestion.... We need more powers that represent our animal planet and why not a kangaroo power.... Looking forward.... Best Regards!


    This contest was very nice and way different that other contest... Thanks @Lemona


    "My Everything"
  9. After all this time and after the StatusFx power, it is nice to see another functionally power (much better compare to regular smilies powers lately). Overall it is a nice power to have a little bit more fun with users around xat.


    postage stamp!
  11. Looking forward to be there. Best Regards!


    DjFunny (161735814)
  13. I like your idea, however we already have that option when you click on the 8ball. I don't think that would be a good area to see the powers/smilies when you type a letter because it may block the usual smilies on the Gline or some previous messages from users texting above the gline as well. Some powers will have many smilies that contain the first letter you will type, i.e. Kchick that has 12 smilies; not to mention all other powers and smilies that starts with the same letter. In the next screen that will appear, we can type something and automatically the powers/smilies with those letter will start to showing. i.e. I typed "lov" and see the smilies that shows below, we can see which smilie we were talking of thinking and simply we click on it and it will be typed on the text dialog.
  14. Very interesting power... well done @Mihay The wormhouse smilie, brings me an idea to include this power as a game power as well, probably for the future... We still don't have all the games available in HTML5 yet but with this power we can add a game. Example: a worm finding a way out of a maze underground with some obstacles like fishing cane which you have to avoid it and other obstacles like birds, etc... It can also be implemented as a ban power like snakeban. Ok, it's an idea that just came out of my mind now, lol Let's see if some one likes it, then I will post it in the correct section.
  15. GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor


    Hahaha! Para que la pases super en tu cumple... Felicidades!

    1. leitooo


      gracias brooo :3 

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!! 

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!!

    Buon compleanno!!!!


    celebrate happy birthday GIF

    1. xMarco


      grazie mille dj funnyyyyy <3

  17. I guess not... Thanks for the power anyway... Looking forward for the next surprise... :D
  18. Well done, it's a great power and the effects are awesome. Question: Can we combine the effects from this power to a differente smilie? example: hi#jellybumerang [I'm thinking we will see the "Hi" smilie going out and coming back.
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