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  1. Celebrate Birthday Cake GIF by Pepephone


    Pero muchas felicidades!!! cuidate y espero que la pases super bien... Exitos en todo y disfruta... 

    1. Sergio


      Muchas muchas gracias Funny!  (hug) <3

  2. What a great Idea, I really like it and agreed with you @David. same happened to me, sometimes we got busy (text, call, eating, etc) and we are in the chat. So this option will be great and very helpful to set a limited status... Hopefully can be implemented in HTML 5.
  3. Happy Birthday GIF


    Wish you the best... enjoy it .


    be safe and a lot of blessings..

    1. Angelo


      Gracias señor, te aprecio (=

  4. Happy Birthday GIF





    1. Bryan


      Thank you bro (hug) 

  5. thank you @Maxo... Every day i've been wearing a mask... I feel so sad because of the virus... (cry) EVERYONE.. PLEASE BE SAFE, STAY HOME, IF YOU NEED TO GET OUT, PLEASE USE A MASK...
  6. Hello Guys!!! I want to open this tread,so you can show your skills if you like draw or if you are a designer. Well, let's go to the point. I love art, music, landscapes, etc., but what's inside me is music, The music is my passion, it's what fluids in my veins. So here we can share as many designs you have that are designed as a tattoo. I know we have users that loves tattoos (like me) and will probably like the idea to have such topic and see many options for different users with different ideas on how to create the tattoos that at some point we can get them... Honestly I'm actually looking for one too.. lol What kind of designs or creations can be share? Any creation or design as long as they are related/created to be a tattoo. Here are some examples that I was looking into it. This ones are the ones I like the most Looking for a good designers here... p.s. some pictures were taken from Pinterest, IG.
  7. Italy, I hope all of you are much better since all this started. In New York only the essential companies are allowed to be open, my job for example is open which means I have to be working everyday except saturdays... I am taking a lot of precautions every time I leave home, using mask at all times and measuring my temperature (just in case) at work... Be safe!
  8. I kinda like your idea, just few things that will be better to determinate about the functions of the power or/and what other users (without the power) can do. let's say you have the power and I don't... I won't be able to enlarge your avatar, how about if I have the power as well? is it going to enlarge or there is some kind of limitations between users? I am not saying I don't like your suggestion, I just want to fully understand it.
  9. Happy Birthday

    tiny cake GIF

  10. Happy Birthday!! 

    oddly satisfying food porn GIF

    1. Lemona


      Thanks DJFUNNY!! I'll be sure to bop to some funny birthday tunes! ;)  8-)

  11. It happened to me before, I had BFF with someone and this person started doing wrong things (not going to details...lol) so I divorced her, my ID was single with the regular star and she didn't wanted to divorce and kept doing things that was bothering me all the time... so I supporting this idea @Zoomey you started but I also like the new idea or the new update @Cupim said above. I also bring another option, probably not the best suggestion but sometimes it's better to say it, lol So, let's assume all what Cupim said above will happen, after you divorce, the other user remains with the heart/BFF but how about to switched to the left side? Righ now it shows in the right side of the pawn , so after you divorce, the heart or BFF on the other user's pawn gets switched to the left side . This could be another way to difference someone that are really married/BFF'ed to someone that just have it because they like it. Either way, I support this idea guys!!!
  12. I just don't find the purpose of creating this power... xat.com is a community to make friends worldwide, everyone can add me to their friend list if they want, I wouldn't mind. if I don't like someone with the ignore action will be enough.. lol
  13. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  14. I like it.. Great Job @Mihay be well and hope to see more powers like this... the hats are awesome!
  15. dj flintstones GIF

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    2. DJFUNNY


      what king of music do you like? 


      I like those cats lol 

    3. Maxo


      i listen to all kinds of music  8-)

    4. DJFUNNY


      Interest, well if any day you want a mix.. I can have one. . :P

  16. 𝔻𝕛𝔽𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪𝕖𝕝𝕞𝕖𝕛𝕠𝕣 (𝟙𝟞𝟙𝟟𝟛𝟝𝟠𝟙𝟜)
  17. Well done smiley creator... I going to be honest but don't take personally... is a cute power but I didn't like it too much... however i'll be looking to get it.. lol I would like to see an animated or a feature power sooner than later or another effect power. Regards!
  18. Are you looking for some Mixes?  if the answer is Yes... then here you can contact me and ask me about some mixes... they are free. 



  19. Congratulations to all winners!!! next time i hope to win..
  20. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  21. Mezclando tu Musica Favorita!!!! 


    Mixing your Favorite Music!!!!! 

  22. Interesting Idea... The main idea will be for HTML5 only since flash will die soon. The way to obtain the mistery box is still a little confused to me, let's say xat.com released the power: "Mystery" I buy the power at 250 - 500 xats (depends the price) after I made the purchase of mystery power, how can I get the mistery box? or where? since I have the mystery power? If I don't have the mystery powers, is there any way to get the mystery box? for example: Direct Purchase Let's bring as much details possible to this idea, I like it.. it's something completely different and I am pretty sure more users will be buying more in Store. Another Idea: Mystery Box could contain: Power1, Power2, Power3, 500 xats and 10 Days. (5 prizes to get).
  23. Happy BDay!!! (hug) pasala super! 

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