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  1. No yet, There's 3 pawns: (hat#hv) - it works fine. (hat#ha) - it looks like this is not working. (hat#hl) - it works fine. So far, I can see all smilies (only 4 + plus lavafx) I do love this suggestion and hopefull it can be added later.. well done Mihay
  2. Happy Birthday Sunshine!! Wish you the best 

    Happy Birthday Reaction GIF by Birthday Bot

    1. theFlower


      awww thanks cutest boy i approciate it 

  3. Stay tuned... Tomorrow it's Friday and the body knows it!!!

    Atentxs!! Manana es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe!!!

    On Air 90S GIF Kid Dancing GIF


    Mixing live.. Good Vibes!!!
    Mezclando en vivo.. Buenas Vibras!!!

  4. Hi, without more details of this error, it's difficult to help you. If you can provide some screenshots will be helpful, however you can try cleaning the cookies and cache on your browser. After you cleaned all the cache and cookies, please login again, be sure to have open your email since you'll receive an email with an authentication code (a link) click on that link and continue logging. This should fix your problem. If still happening, please let us know what issue you're receiving and provide more details (screenshot is helpful) Best Regards!

    Riches power

    Very well suggestion, I love all your drawings (examples) and I hope this can be a power very soon. ...looking forward....
  6. Name Different, power Different. Something is telling me that the creator of this power has been in touch with an Alien and was forced to create such power. Very Odd power...
  7. happy birthday GIF

    exitos y que sea un dia super! 

  8. Y muchas felicidades.. Exitos en todo y que sigas cumpliendo muchos anios mas...

    Happy Birthday...  

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    1. Stif





    Hi, it seems that now is working, I don't see this bug anymore. This topic can be now closed. Thank you
  10. Thanks for all that inspiration and contribution @Page and congrats for now being a contributor. Congrats @Crow, we all know that you'll do the best to keep our hmtl5 chat in the best shape as it's been previously.


    Great, suggestion. as a name suggestion, I will say ALAUGH in Honor of you (as creator of this power) I like your drawings and examples and will definitely looking forward. PS: I do see this as a sticket power as well.


    I'm glad it was successful.


    Hello, You need to login to your chat here > edit once you logged in successfully, then go to miscellaneous, then where it say get main and click to the button next to it. (see screenshot below) http://prntscr.com/xw3d92 Please check your email if you received an email from infoxat@xat.com, follow the instructions in that email. Best Regards!
  14. I really liked it... Good Job Smiley Makers.... I want to report a bug I've seen. Using the acidback and the Big power, sometimes and for some smilies are not showing, if we add the . and the end the smilie will appears. See some images below: http://prntscr.com/xj6aaq http://prntscr.com/xj6mfm http://prntscr.com/xj6pqf Regards to the Team...


    Yes, the message appears, after that message I close the settings and then I try the macro and it works, after that I go back to setting and macros and all the macros disappears (with the exception that if I remember the macro code, example: $hi it will post what I saved in that macro).


    Thank you!
  17. Celebrando el Nuevo Anio... 


    Dj Funny en Vivo... 


    xat Ayuda

    xat Fondos

    xat Cambio

    xat Noticias

    xat Ganar 

    xat Universo


    Dj Funny Rompiendo el Silencio!!!



    1. DUYGU


      Happy New Year 2021 for you Dj Funny  (hug)

  18. Prize received! Thank you Very Much! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!!
  19. DjFunnyeLmejor (161735814) for sure New Year Happy New Year to everyone!
  20. Hi, I may agree with all of you guys. To avoid scammers and to get a better vision of the Test Power, I see another option, which is adding a category named: Last = In this category we will see either the test power and/or the last power released on xat. Every time xat released a power this category will update by itself and add the newer power if the user has the power, otherwise will stay blank. If users get the test power, then this one will show in this category until it gets released it will update his name and smilie. I personally would love to see this fe


    Honestly, the knurls are kinda weird LOL but Hey!! the way Duygu has described it, it sounds cute... I think it's a good and interesting suggestion...

    account block

    If it says held, please wait for the 5 days (for security reasons) if the held continues happening or get increased after the 5 days, then a ticket needs to be created under "Account Hold". Follow the Steps below 1. Go to xat.com/ticket 2. Click on OPEN NEW TICKET 3. Fill out the form (email, password) and select the "Account Hold" Department. 4. Where it says: "Help Topic" write: "Hello, I need help. Can you please help me?" (make sure to write 5 or more words in the Topic) 5. In "Message" You can describe your issue and include screenshots if you want or if y
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