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  1. they're great, you should enumerate them, so if I am interest (which I am now, lol) i can identify by number... great job!
  2. Awesome!!! Prize Received.... thanks a lot @Masha @Shizuo
  3. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  4. Prize Received!! thank you

    Win 1500 XATS

    DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  6. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  7. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  8. let's start with some days giveaway to 15 winners .. be ready
  9. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  10. if that's the case, the best option is what anas replied above
  11. Hello @eduardos You can also create a ticket to change the email address you have used (since you dont remember what email you used for your xat account) 1. Visit this page https://xat.com/ticket and Open New Ticket 2. In Help Topic select: “Email Change or Email Hint“ 3. In the subject line write: I need to change my email o I forgot my email, help please (remember to write 5 or more words in the subject line) 4. In the text dialog, explain your situation and after creating a new email or the email you want to use, you can add the below text: Hello, I’d love to change my current email address to (NEW EMAIL ADDRESS). Can you please help me? Thanks. (Don't forget to mention that you has lost the access to the current email address) Now will be the time to be patient... Good Luck!
  12. star wars dancing GIF






  13. if you need me, you can find me in xat ayuda... 

    Best Regards to everyone!


  14. Awesome!!!! Prize received... thank you
  15. usually is for this period only (if you are talking for the pawns) but the power it won't be released anymore and you can get the power in trade chats... for the next christmas holiday it won't be released but the pawns could be an option if they decided to bring it back just for the holiday season.
  16. Hello, We all know that Sticker are becoming to be popular now, specially with the new released we just have, as of now we have 10 sticker powers available for us. I was recently trying to find all sticker powers in the Store which it was a little difficult for me to find them all (it took me some time lol) I see we have the categories: Featured - Standard - Rare - Epic - Group - Games - All So I think we need a new update on the Store Categories and add a New Category for: Stickers I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be the only one who will love this new update if its implemented because it will be more easy and quick to find and buy the sticker powers. Specially now that we're in the way to the new HTML5 version of xat, which means more sticker powers are under construction for future release. Ideas or support to this suggestion or criticism will be well received. Best Regards! P.S.: I just found Stif sugested this idea as well
  17. spacer.png

    1. Lemona


      Very nice, DJFunny! 8-)

    2. DJFUNNY


      ty (hug)

      what drink will you have for new year (awe)

  18. a plywood very well designed with separators and an small area to combine colors.
  19. That's a nice catch! @Solange My favorite smilie is happysnowman ...
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