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    Let's be honest guys! This has been a very good suggestion, I like the power and say no more!! let's please take a note for this kind of power suggestions, they are new and different than the regular we're getting now days. I like this power suggestion and would love to have it, The hat looks cool. Hands Up! for this power
  2. Happy Birthday (party) 

    feliz cumple happy birthday GIF by aranchamora

  3. dj djing GIF by Galantis

    DJ FUNNY EN VIVO!!!!! 

  4. Thank you Sloom for the prompt reply... Wiki needs some updates too, besides this information
  5. is this power Limited or Unlimited? I'm confused, I saw unlimited in some websites but here it says limited even in wiki ?
  6. DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
  7. It was fun, I enjoyed the time... Thanks for the event...
  8. This is the rhythmic of the Night!!! this is are reebok or nike!! REady for the party

    I need help!

    I hope you have figured it out how to unassigned your group powers, In case you haven't, see below After you logged in, you will see the below options click on the option Groups (where the red arrow indicates) then you will see all the powers you have assigned (see below) once you see all your powers (above) you can click on each on them and automatically you will be redirected to the xat you have it assigned, then you can type the power in the chat box and click hoover the group power and unassigned the power, after that you can go to edit on that specific xat, after logged in that xat go to group settings and find the group power and remove the check from the list you will see. You should be done by now. I hope you can fix your problem. Best Regards!
  10. One more testing lol 

    gn guys!




    SATANIC power

    babygirl power... it looks amazing!!! you're a great artist drawing... keep it up!! This will be a great power Good job describing the power suggestion above... I'll be in the list waiting to buy it once it get released...
  12. and here we are!!! Another blessed year to you!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! wish you the best all year long.... 


    birthday party GIF by happy-birthday

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