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  1. Very interesting power... well done @Mihay The wormhouse smilie, brings me an idea to include this power as a game power as well, probably for the future... We still don't have all the games available in HTML5 yet but with this power we can add a game. Example: a worm finding a way out of a maze underground with some obstacles like fishing cane which you have to avoid it and other obstacles like birds, etc... It can also be implemented as a ban power like snakeban. Ok, it's an idea that just came out of my mind now, lol Let's see if some one likes it, then I will post it in the correct section.
  2. GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor


    Hahaha! Para que la pases super en tu cumple... Felicidades!

    1. leitooo


      gracias brooo :3 

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! 

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!!

    Buon compleanno!!!!


    celebrate happy birthday GIF

    1. xMarco


      grazie mille dj funnyyyyy <3

  4. I guess not... Thanks for the power anyway... Looking forward for the next surprise... :D
  5. Well done, it's a great power and the effects are awesome. Question: Can we combine the effects from this power to a differente smilie? example: hi#jellybumerang [I'm thinking we will see the "Hi" smilie going out and coming back.
  6. It was a great time we spent together, thanks @Blacky for hosting the 14th anniversary of xat Ayuda. Best Regards! PD.: I won for answering a question, 1+1=? [2] LOL
  7. It's a pleasure! With love for all our xat comunity, specially for those who are coming to visit our html5 chat. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Thanks again, This contest was fun and very interesting to learn more about xat.com. Looking forward for the next one!
  9. Dj Funny Breaking the Silence! Dj Funny Rompiendo el Silencio! Reach me out if you want to listen some mixes.... DjFunny (161735814)
  10. Hahppyyy Happyyyy Birthdaayyy!!!! 


    Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

    1. Lemona


      Thank you DjFunny!!


      You don't fail at making me laugh after all! See you later! ;) 

  11. I love this design, good job designing.... Best!
  12. HBD! I wish you all the best!! 

    Happy Birthday Reaction GIF by Birthday Bot

    1. Paul


      Thank you

  13. Thanks for that inf. @Bau but it is not similar to my idea like you said, I wasn't suggesting to add smilies to our status, My suggestion is to be able to set a flag as our status or 2nd status as the same option we have with StatusFx. StatusFlag See a example below: I will have as 1st status: xat.com and 2nd Status the flag. (as an example) I hope is now understood correctly. Thank you!
  14. Let me just tell you that I love this power... it's just amazing and finally xat released a function power with awesome effects. I was actually typing my suggestion for xat which it was 90% exact as this power, believe or not, it was; when I saw the power I was shocked, I couldn't believe it lol but guess what besides that It's great that other users suggested as well and finally came true. My other suggestion for this power or future power is: StatusFlag - With this power you will be able to set a flag in your status, no letters in your status, just a flag like (flag#wus) in your nick but the design will be reduced to the status size with the wave effect, it's simple suggestion and it will be so cool to have it. 2nd Suggestion - On this same suggestion, when we select the statusflag opcion we must have statusFx for this to work and a 2nd status will be also available. 1st status: Hello xat | 2nd Stataus: a flag waving | this will use an effect from statusfx to switch from the 1st status to 2nd status (the flag). Thank you!
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