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  1. I hope we can name more than one celebrity! But my favorite celebrities are Jason Statham who mostly stars in movies, Scott Adkins who is also a real life martial artist and boxer he knows various martial art styles, and Kiefer Sutherland who played as Jack Bauer on 24, and U.S President Tom Kirkman on Designated Survivor. I don't know if you'd count them as celebrities, but they are very good actors that deserve recognition.
  2. Is it free to make apps and games for xat? What about copyright issues regarding games? I'm sorry for the questions, I'm just confused on how this works.
  3. We already have (love) and (valentine) powers, I think those are enough. But I like your suggestion!
  4. I doubt any actual celebrity has the time to go on xat, but I see your point.
  5. Then why make the thread if Admin didn't want opinions?
  6. Despite a lot of ghostly activities going on. You have to stay in a room alone. Would you?
  7. Could've given him a three letter shortname like Mav instead. Cyan pawn is a bit much.
  8. Table hockey and soccer would be cool.
  9. Godfather

    invisible plus

    I don't see how this power would be a good power at all. This power would create more chaos than there already is on xat. Won't users just use this power to send abusive/inappropriate messages to other users across chats?
  10. I'd like to see this power as rare more than epic.
  11. Eh, I still don't see why it should be epic. We already have enough epic powers as it is. Perhaps this power could be standard or rare instead?
  12. Can you please explain why this should be an epic power?
  13. And what if someone gets access to someone else's email?
  14. Hello all, I think there is a slight security risk when it comes to accounts on mobile. I have authentication activated on my account, and when I login on xats mobile app it doesn't ask me for a code. This is a problem because anyone can just login to someone's account on mobile if they have acquired a victim's password somehow. When logging in moible, xat should ask for your authentication code at least once everytime you login. Why this needs to be added? Well because if your account gets compromised somehow, anyone can just login to that account and steal xats or day
  15. Hello everyone! We all love mangoes, maybe not everyone does but a huge majority of people do. So let's show our appreciation of mangoes with it's own power! I would really love to use some mango smilies and some mango pawns to go along with this power if 42 decides to create this power. Maybe this should not only be a smiley power, but it should also come with a hug and kiss feature to make it more interesting and worth to buy. I suggested this new idea because maybe it would encourage users to eat more fruits such as mangoes as fruits help eve
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