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  1. Happy birthday Nathan!!!

    Have a good one. 🎂 🎂

  2. By their email? Should I do it rn?
  3. Can I just pay it to a volunteer?
  4. Alright here's the story: I had everypower(ask anyone who's been around me), xats(around 32k) , and days (around 190). I usually buy xats from a reseller (Bryan). But this time, I decided to check out a new experience buying from the actual buy page. I clicked the buy $20 USD package. I was using a friend's paypal btw. Once I bought it, it said thank you for purchase. I got an email from paypal saying, ''Transaction reversed, suspicious activity''''. It refunded me $20 USD from the purchase I had just made. I re logged in to my xat account, and was shocked. Every single power of mine: GONE, xats: GONE days: GONE. I think it may be a account block, but not quite sure. Also, for some weird reason it says I'm held for 998 days. Please DO SOMETHING as I've spent A TON of money on xat and am not rich in real life, and I need my xat belongings back. Screenshots are provided below. PLEASE DO SOMETHING! I'm very concerned! https://prnt.sc/pmhxnx (using friend's paypal) https://prnt.sc/pmhy3x (held for 999/998 days, and all my stuff gone) https://prnt.sc/pmhyh8 (0 days and xats)
  5. Usman

    Subcolor Power

    Yeah, this would be an excellent idea. I think xat should deploy this into their website.
  6. Thanks a lot. Now I might be able to obtain this power.
  7. Usman

    Usman Graphics

    Hi everyone, it's me Usman aka Blur. Just to let you know, I sell graphics. If you are interested in buying them, you can always message me or mail me, or finally just type what you want in this forum topic. I sell pcbacks, inner bgs, outer bgs, and gifs. These are the prices: - PCBacks - 800 or 59 days. - Inner BG + Outer BG - 1600 or 118 days. - Gifs - 500 or 37 days. Check out my Flickr for my designs. P.S: I sometimes do free graphic giveaways, so always stay up to date!
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