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  1. Just focus on getting your education and graduating. At the end of graduating, you'll realize you didn't need anybody.
  2. This is a good suggestion. But won't users use this to annoy the chat by spamming smilies with size and big powers?
  3. xat is laggy enough as it is with all of the current powers that we have, we don't need more lag. Sorry, but I do not support this suggestion. Maybe in the future when xat has better servers this suggestion will be implemented.
  4. This is a no brainer type of question. I'd pick the red door, because it's hard enough to make $1 million these days, but with $50 million you could do so many things in the world and buy whatever you pretty much want. I don't see the point in going back in time since there wasn't as much technology back then as we have now, and there wasn't that much to do in the past anyways. But with $50 million, I could buy so much technology such as consoles, phones, computers, etc or start my own major tech company as well. It's better to live in the future than in the past anyways.
  5. I am getting tired of having to always scroll down to see new messages on a chat on mobile. Sometimes it also always makes me restart the app in order for new messages to appear without me scrolling down all the time.
  6. I agree with Carlos. I think we have enough smiley powers for now. Could you maybe create a new suggestion based on a new group power or feature instead? That would be awesome!
  7. Snake eyes would be great.
  8. I think xat should make it so that users will only be dunced for 30 minutes to an hour maximum.
  9. Dunce is the most abused power on xat, and it can be annoying sometimes as some users will not stop abusing it. I think there should be an option for HTML 5 and mobile users that users can block other users from duncing them. For example, in the settings menu on mobile there should be an option called "Dunce" then a drop-down list which gives you the option to allow users to dunce you, or deny users from duncing you. This should be added because there's a bug with dunce that removes temp moderators if they undunce themselves.
  10. Hmm that's weird. I was able to reproduce his steps and can now use flash everytime without it asking me for permission. Maybe you should try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.
  11. Hello everyone, I thought I'd make this thread to give you all reasons to why you should use xat mobile more. Everyone should use xat mobile more because bumps are less annoying on it than on PC, unless you have your volume on of course. Also, kisses don't show up on mobile so you won't be annoyed by them. PC's are also harder to bug someone with on mobile. I'm sure there are many features on mobile that aren't as annoying as they are on flash. Honestly I think xat mobile should be taken advantage of more by users. Yes, mobile has it's bugs and what not but that will be
  12. xat isn't looking to get sued right now, sorry. xat has their own court case to win at the moment.
  13. I understand, I simply mean that users would try and become volunteers just for the sake of having a badge and not actually caring about xat.
  14. Aspect


    That would be amazing to have for HTML 5 and mobile. I use xat mobile more, so if that can be implemented for people with status power, it would be epic!
  15. Aspect


    Yes. I think users should be able to use multiple statuses every few minutes to prevent the power from being annoying. I think it could work like shuffle, yeah.
  16. Hm, I'm not sure about this idea. Won't users just try to become volunteers just to have this badge without putting in any real effort? Just a thought.
  17. Aspect


    Ever get tired of always having just one status at a time? I think that xat should make a power called multistatus! This power would use macros that would help you create multiple statuses, for example when a user uses this power they will be able to pick up to 5 or more statuses to choose from. So for example, you will be able to see more than one status scrolling under a user just like when an owner sets a message to scroll on a chat. Macros would work like this, $ms=I'm busy!, $ms=I'm available, $ms=Do not disturb, $ms=Eating breakfast!, $ms=Sleeping then you can choose a durati
  18. I agree, there are many talented users on xat that are great with smiley making such as Don Quixote and Santy. I'm sorry if I left out anyone else, I'm sure there are tons of more talented users on xat that make great smilies!
  19. True, but what about the people that used their full names in old emails?
  20. Thanks for the tip, but I'm afraid that changing your email won't matter since all of your old data is still stored in the old database anyway.
  21. That's good to know. Although my steps are a bit more advanced than on those guides. Thank you for your response.
  22. Hello everyone, Over the years on xat I've witnessed many being exposed and having their personal information leaked on xat. I've never had a problem with this since I know how to keep my personal information safe. I thought I should make this guide to teach you all how to have anonymity on xat. NOTE: This thread is not meant to start controversy! It's simply a guide for newer users on xat to learn how to stay safe on xat. Here are some rules you should follow to stay safe on xat: Rule 1: Do not click on suspicious links that look like IP loggers
  23. Being stuck in a country where people in it don't speak English at all.
  24. No. You can just use mobile since it doesn't display kisses.
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