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  1.  @Aspect Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Just focus on getting your education and graduating. At the end of graduating, you'll realize you didn't need anybody.
  4. Happy Birthday, Aspect!

    1. Aspect


      Thanks Blacky.

  5. This is a good suggestion. But won't users use this to annoy the chat by spamming smilies with size and big powers?
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. Aspect


      Thank you Mystic!

    2. Mystic


      You're Welcome!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. xat is laggy enough as it is with all of the current powers that we have, we don't need more lag. Sorry, but I do not support this suggestion. Maybe in the future when xat has better servers this suggestion will be implemented.
  9. This is a no brainer type of question. I'd pick the red door, because it's hard enough to make $1 million these days, but with $50 million you could do so many things in the world and buy whatever you pretty much want. I don't see the point in going back in time since there wasn't as much technology back then as we have now, and there wasn't that much to do in the past anyways. But with $50 million, I could buy so much technology such as consoles, phones, computers, etc or start my own major tech company as well. It's better to live in the future than in the past anyways.
  10. I am getting tired of having to always scroll down to see new messages on a chat on mobile. Sometimes it also always makes me restart the app in order for new messages to appear without me scrolling down all the time.
  11. I agree with Carlos. I think we have enough smiley powers for now. Could you maybe create a new suggestion based on a new group power or feature instead? That would be awesome!
  12. Snake eyes would be great.
  13. I think xat should make it so that users will only be dunced for 30 minutes to an hour maximum.
  14. Dunce is the most abused power on xat, and it can be annoying sometimes as some users will not stop abusing it. I think there should be an option for HTML 5 and mobile users that users can block other users from duncing them. For example, in the settings menu on mobile there should be an option called "Dunce" then a drop-down list which gives you the option to allow users to dunce you, or deny users from duncing you. This should be added because there's a bug with dunce that removes temp moderators if they undunce themselves.
  15. Hmm that's weird. I was able to reproduce his steps and can now use flash everytime without it asking me for permission. Maybe you should try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.
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