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  1. 8 hours ago, xLaming said:

    a dark theme is generally focused on being minimalist and less straining on the eyes.

    Agreed and that's what I've been aiming for. I spent quite some time tweaking contrast yesterday once the theme was published.




    fixed, fixed, fixed, noted, noted

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  2. Account -> Account settings -> Notification Settings -> Push

    to allow push notifications (you will be prompted in your browser). On that same page you can configure how you'd prefer to receive individual notification types. They all default to "Notification List Only".

  3. We understand your frustration and have thus included the following information on the form:


    We're not looking for Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Spanish nor Turkish translators at this time.


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  4. 12 hours ago, oj said:

    remove grayscale on header imo and lower contrast of green label 

    also tweets are shown twice

    could make card bgs same as twitter widget bg color 

    Done, done and fixed. I'm thinking since the thumbnails are based on label colors, it wouldn't be suitable to change one and not the other unless.. grayscale 

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  5. Image names with prefixes dark[1-3]- have their colors inverted on the dark theme with varying intensities. For example an image named dark2-cml.png would produce (using the contributor monthly log logo as an example):











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  6. I wouldn't want to advertise the idea of borrowing powers and make it a responsibility of volunteers to return these powers to you should the borrowing party refuse to do so. If xat wanted there to be an option to borrow powers then they would implement this functionality.


    Borrowing is trust-based and should remain that way. If you can't trust the person enough to believe they'll return the goods on command then refrain from borrowing to that person.

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  7. These "rules" will not be enforced in most cases, but if we notice a user gaining an abnormal amount of reputation within a short amount of time and the users providing that reputation seem to have a very limited purpose of existing on this forum, then there may be a reason to take action.

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  8. 15 minutes ago, 6 said:

    The smile kinda looks creepy but is better and suitable replacement. I think the (flustered) smiley that blushes could be good too I guess?

    From sarcastic to creepy.. I believe it's fine now. (flustered) looks a bit girly to me and a lot of the other suggested ones don't even make sense for a reaction titled "thanks".

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