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  1. Andre

    xat Theme CSS/JS

    I've been working on a dark theme, but it still requires quite a bit of polishing before it can be made public.
  2. Andre

    Trade Reason

    I wouldn't want to advertise the idea of borrowing powers and make it a responsibility of volunteers to return these powers to you should the borrowing party refuse to do so. If xat wanted there to be an option to borrow powers then they would implement this functionality. Borrowing is trust-based and should remain that way. If you can't trust the person enough to believe they'll return the goods on command then refrain from borrowing to that person.
  3. Andre

    Update message

    Move back if not fixed.
  4. The forum is now running on the latest release. If you're still experiencing this issue then link to the exact content and I'll address it.
  5. I need more details. Which parts of the forum are we talking about? Link those you're having issues with.
  6. Hello, @zw had reviewed your application and messaged you on forum with further details.
  7. These "rules" will not be enforced in most cases, but if we notice a user gaining an abnormal amount of reputation within a short amount of time and the users providing that reputation seem to have a very limited purpose of existing on this forum, then there may be a reason to take action.
  8. Andre

    Facebook Preview

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Andre

    Language issues

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.
  12. Changed Status to Fixed. Archiving. Move back if not fixed.
  13. I've tried something. Please let me know if the problem persists. @LaFleur @Leandro @SLOom @6
  14. aias sadas saia

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      hmm, interesting @Andre this message showed now because Angelo commented.

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  15. Changed Status to Closed -> contributors
  16. Changed Status to Closed They're not supposed to show.
  17. Advanced members have their names in bold now, but that's about it.
  18. Changed Status to Fixed Fixed on an upcoming release.
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