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  1. h3h3, airforceproud95 and of course Jesus Chatline.
  2. Based on this discussion and the fact that half of its posts have been hidden, I'm not confident we're ready to abolish the group just yet.
  3. That's the idea, considering we already have language based redirection for help and trade chats.
  4. Today I had appointed Sydno as co-main to allow me focus on other things that xat is currently struggling with. I couldn't think of anyone better and more deserving to fill that role than him. Congratulations Sydno and best of luck!
  5. Try disabling your antivirus / anti malware software. If any of their real-time protections is blocking certain javascript content, then you might want to add forum.xat.com to their exclusions.
  6. Disable plugins and enable each one at a time to troubleshoot the issue.
  7. I wouldn't be this pessimistic on the matter and see how it pans out. One active individual can motivate others to get involved, no matter how busy they might be with whatever's going on in their life.
  8. Trust me, it would only complicate things. This would enable tickets to be assigned based on a language and thus considerably cutting down on the work force and people have to rely on a select few (or one individual) to eventually reply to their ticket. Google translate has worked so far and we rarely if ever get people who cannot understand what we're asking. Even if we do, usually rephrasing the question helps to have it produce a more accurate translation.
  9. Among the essays I believe someone brought up the delays in some of the top departments. Hopefully we'll be able to alleviate this issue by introducing a new volunteer there who'll be grinding hard for your satisfactory.
  10. Quite a bit of testing with several languages should be done to challenge either translators, don't you think? Can't switch to Bing with haste, based on one example.
  11. We don't change chat group emails, because we lack the tools to properly verify information that would allow us to link the chat group to its owner.
  12. Only one setting can be applied to a special code? If yes, then this should definitely be changed to support several.
  13. Sometimes you need JavaScript to wish good luck.
  14. Congratulations to all three of you.
  15. I have neither NOPC nor NOPM and I probably get more PC's from unwanted people than the average user. The ignore feature works just fine for me, should the annoyance become unbearable. What you're suggesting is unnecessarily complicated.
  16. As Brandon and many others have pointed out so far we have different volunteers working on specific type of tickets. That's how it works. However how it's compartmentalized, what tools are volunteers trusted with and who works on what specifically is not disclosed for security reasons. I would like to know why users need that information other than to annoy/abuse specific volunteers on chat. Neither are volunteers to blame. We're in fact volunteers and get very little compensation for our hard work. I'm not saying that I should be getting more, but I'm also not going to quit my
  17. Don't bother opening a ticket. You will not get a cyan pawn.
  18. Congratulations and best of luck to you, Sydno.
  19. Free; (ME) required. Preview: CSS: background: #f9f9f9 url('http://i.xat.wiki/xat.me/bg.jpg') no-repeat } body { margin: 0 } body { min-width: 800px } body { font: x-small sans-serif } body { font-size: 11px } a { text-decoration: none } a { color: #002bb8 } a:visited { color: #5a3696 } ul { list-style-type: square } ul { list-style-image: url('http://i.xat.wiki/xat.me/li.gif') } div[name=header] { width: 100% } div[name=header] { height: 69px } div[name=header] { background: url('http://xat.com/images/vbkbl.gif') repeat-x } div[name=header] img { marg
  20. Wouldn't it be possible to refresh the account on target chat once the exchange has occurred on dormant chat? Or does it work in a chain, where you keep transferring xats to new accounts and just keep raiding with 1 account at a time (suggesting you don't have more than 1k xats to spread around on multiple accounts)? Sucks if they make bots this sophisticated. However, one solution would be to just enable bypassing captcha for paid users and those with a short name as suggested above. Again, I'm not promoting xats. Just trying to figure out the best method for a good percentage of
  21. Yeah, that's actually what I had in mind. I agree with you, good suggestion.
  22. North Korea's concentration camps.
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