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  1. Andre

    Follow pages issue

    I need an update on this. Still an issue?
  2. Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Andre

    Update in progress

    The software runs occasional maintenance tasks, hence the message.
  5. Changed Status to Status: Closed
  6. Andre

    Double page

    Changed Status to Status: Closed
  7. Appears to have been added.
  8. Andre

    PFP Bug

    I'm unable to reproduce. Browser version?
  9. Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  10. Andre

    Clubs, bug ?

    Changed Status to Status: Fixed Several people can invite one user.
  11. Changed Status to Status: Fixed Appears to be fixed?
  12. Andre

    Post Count

    Changed Status to Status: Won't Fix Profile -> "See my/their activity" -> Bugs/Bug comments section
  13. Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  14. Happy Birthday

  15. Andre

    Wiki error?

    Fix was submitted earlier today and is applied whenever @Admins get to it. Done.
  16. Happy birthday!

  17. I second that one. And perhaps a pair of socks or something.
  18. Accounts with a transfer block should still be able to buy directly from the xat store. Although, you could forward your proposal to admins, considering not everyone has that option.
  19. Should be fixed. It was a double Special:MyLanguage that broke it.
  20. Hey there, I've decided to step down from Chat's management. As you've probably noticed - my focus has been on other things as Sydno has ran the affairs there for the past 3+ months. Whilst I've provided guidance and tried to be involved to some extent, Sydno really deserves taking the credit as its true manager. I'm confident he'll do fine with making decisions on his own at this point.
  21. I acknowledged there was a about a month of delays (remaining; it was considerably worse about a month ago) and a solution would be doing tickets and adding another volunteer to those departments. If you read carefully, then you'd notice, that I actually confirmed existing volunteers had to step up their game to alleviate the delays and effectively keep the departments on reasonable response times. Things were being handled prior to this thread being made.
  22. There's about a month of delays and they're being handled. I'm sure you'd understand amongst being busy, having to deal with drama and malicious slander coming from other volunteers isn't exactly effective in keeping up the morale and a steady pace. Someone has been proposed to take the spot and others have been proposed to get involved, retire or move onto less challenging departments. Pending admins. A level of trust is involved, since naturally, those volunteers handle more sensitive information and tools. It's not that they'd necessarily willingly misuse that information or tools. They could be doing it unbeknownst to themselves. Thus competence is very important. Volunteers who are unwilling to organize and pay proper attention to easier tickets are unable to do so with tickets where those things play the key role. The more sophisticated are the tickets, the more you'd have to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Some volunteers are doing a good job and are better at other things, but they're having a hard time focusing on tracking and linking things together. Also, the more there are volunteers doing these tickets that effectively tie an entire case to a single volunteer, the more clustered things get and that's where they collide and someone wastes their time. I've heard at this point the delays affect all individuals within those departments relatively equally. Scam/phishing reports may take more time due to the investigation process, but little to no time (in terms or back of forth replies) is being wasted on pre-breach accounts that were held for security. And that brings us back to what Crow said. Yes, it has been years, but only because those users have taken years to open a ticket.
  23. Oh, the irony. By the way, contributors are voted on amongst contributors, same as volunteers. I do recall a few exceptions in both cases though, one of whom seems to be fighting for absolute democracy. I believe admins very recently expressed their thoughts on democracy and voting on xat. Your logic is both flawed and hypocritical. Sometimes I wonder if even you yourself believe the things you say, or you just say it to stir up more controversy and create unnecessary drama.
  24. You are wrong, there are no head volunteers. Volunteers are equally eligible to complain on one another's activity and overall behaviour. The ticket departments that were a major issue before in terms of response times, aren't as big of an issue now and the volunteers handling those departments are working on the delays with commitment. Adding more volunteers to those specific departments would require the right people with the right habits in terms of proper organization, the way they conduct themselves and overall work ethics. Adding someone with a toxic behaviour would cause a toxic environment, where conducting work would become problematic. After all, the issue are the "top tier" departments, where existing experienced volunteers would have to be moved, preferably with behavioural qualities described above. I'm sure if the community had the power to decide on new volunteers and perhaps even dictate the departments to which someone was to be moved, then we'd end up with a toxic environment and that would be even further from a solution. In the end, you don't know the internal affairs of the team and your knowledge is mostly based on a few individuals demonizing others within said team - those who should be working close with the rest of us to figure out solutions, not creating more problems. But why have any internal discussion, when creating drama publicly is both exciting and puts you on a pedestal. To put it short, the delays are being dealt with. A more permanent and stable solution would be paid employees (as some have proposed), to take on the time and effort these type of tickets often take. In the long run, nothing else is ideal.
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