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  1. No, I'm not hidden right now. There does appear to be a caching issue with the block and online users list in general, which needs looking into.
  2. None of these users are logged in anonymously.
  3. Let me know if it's still ongoing.
  4. Andre

    Bad redirect?

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. The concept may be flawed, but it doesn't make any sense to sell this particular pawn.
  6. Agreed and that's what I've been aiming for. I spent quite some time tweaking contrast yesterday once the theme was published. fixed, fixed, fixed, noted, noted
  7. The forum is already neutral by not asking for your gender. I don't think it's necessary to complicate things and start doing that.
  8. Yeah, I was trying to pull it off, but it doesn't really fit.
  9. Theme "Dark 2" is now available for those who'd appreciate a little less blue.
  10. There you go. edit: dark mode's back
  11. Account -> Account settings -> Notification Settings -> Push to allow push notifications (you will be prompted in your browser). On that same page you can configure how you'd prefer to receive individual notification types. They all default to "Notification List Only".
  12. Push notifications is something that IPS has planned for their upcoming 4.6 release. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/web-push-notifications-native-sharing-offline-support-r1222/
  13. The issue of daily contests cluttering the forum is being discussed and will be resolved soon.
  14. Andre


    We understand your frustration and have thus included the following information on the form:
  15. Done, done and fixed. I'm thinking since the thumbnails are based on label colors, it wouldn't be suitable to change one and not the other unless.. grayscale
  16. Hey there, https://xat.chat Let me know what you think.
  17. Forum staff is able to see this information. It's not publicly available to protect users' privacy.
  18. The pagination is missing and it's fixed with an update already released and soon to be applied to xat forum.
  19. Could you be more specific, e.g. which exact clubs are you referring to and who's unable to see you or promote/demote you?
  20. Image names with prefixes dark[1-3]- have their colors inverted on the dark theme with varying intensities. For example an image named dark2-cml.png would produce (using the contributor monthly log logo as an example):
  21. Background color for buttons has been adjusted, dark badges have been made and syntax highlighting has been improved for the dark theme.
  22. Not a bug. As the OP stated, it's found under https://forum.xat.com/settings/account-security/
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