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  1. Oh, the irony. By the way, contributors are voted on amongst contributors, same as volunteers. I do recall a few exceptions in both cases though, one of whom seems to be fighting for absolute democracy. I believe admins very recently expressed their thoughts on democracy and voting on xat. Your logic is both flawed and hypocritical. Sometimes I wonder if even you yourself believe the things you say, or you just say it to stir up more controversy and create unnecessary drama.
  2. You are wrong, there are no head volunteers. Volunteers are equally eligible to complain on one another's activity and overall behaviour. The ticket departments that were a major issue before in terms of response times, aren't as big of an issue now and the volunteers handling those departments are working on the delays with commitment. Adding more volunteers to those specific departments would require the right people with the right habits in terms of proper organization, the way they conduct themselves and overall work ethics. Adding someone with a toxic behaviour would cause a toxic environment, where conducting work would become problematic. After all, the issue are the "top tier" departments, where existing experienced volunteers would have to be moved, preferably with behavioural qualities described above. I'm sure if the community had the power to decide on new volunteers and perhaps even dictate the departments to which someone was to be moved, then we'd end up with a toxic environment and that would be even further from a solution. In the end, you don't know the internal affairs of the team and your knowledge is mostly based on a few individuals demonizing others within said team - those who should be working close with the rest of us to figure out solutions, not creating more problems. But why have any internal discussion, when creating drama publicly is both exciting and puts you on a pedestal. To put it short, the delays are being dealt with. A more permanent and stable solution would be paid employees (as some have proposed), to take on the time and effort these type of tickets often take. In the long run, nothing else is ideal.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Sydno


      Thank you, Andre! : )

  4. On Facebook it's a lot easier to confirm family ties between the deceased and the claimant due to the usage of real names and relatives being tied to their account's about section. Also, the deceased might not want their account to be taken over. I believe Facebook has a setting where you can choose who'll manage your account, once you're gone. More about legacy contract. Apparently you cannot take over a deceased person's account on Facebook, but there are a few options you can choose from, suggesting you pass verification. I quote "To protect the privacy of people on Facebook, we cannot provide anyone with login information for accounts."
  5. Have you reported such abuse? I find it interesting you mentioned you've seen "it done plenty", which would suggest that several retired volunteers have tried to scam/phish users. The title is supposed to represent those who have quit on good terms, so I highly doubt there's any truth behind such accusations. If, however, I'm being unfair to assume good faith on our fellow old timers, then please report it ASAP. (I might, of course, have misunderstood you completely and you're describing those who don't have the title, but claim to be retired anyway. It's beyond me how getting rid of this title would make a difference in that case). If abolishing the honorific title will stop the unnecessary drama, nagging and especially to satisfy certain people's envy, I'm all for it. I agree completely. There are so many things wrong with this site and we're focusing on these non-issues.
  6. The pope really rustled his jimmies on that one. Can't believe the Vatican church doesn't use Firefox with Christ plug.
  7. h3h3, airforceproud95 and of course Jesus Chatline.
  8. Based on this discussion and the fact that half of its posts have been hidden, I'm not confident we're ready to abolish the group just yet.
  9. I found it embedded on a random SA:MP server's forum at the end of 2009. Not long after I embedded my own on an Estonian site for online flash games. I wouldn't say I "discovered" xat until I began as a wiki translator at the end of 2013 though. As to me being part of xat is being part of its community (wiki, official chats, forum), rather than some unknown chat group.
  10. That's the idea, considering we already have language based redirection for help and trade chats.
  11. Today I had appointed Sydno as co-main to allow me focus on other things that xat is currently struggling with. I couldn't think of anyone better and more deserving to fill that role than him. Congratulations Sydno and best of luck!
  12. Try disabling your antivirus / anti malware software. If any of their real-time protections is blocking certain javascript content, then you might want to add forum.xat.com to their exclusions.
  13. Disable plugins and enable each one at a time to troubleshoot the issue.
  14. I wouldn't be this pessimistic on the matter and see how it pans out. One active individual can motivate others to get involved, no matter how busy they might be with whatever's going on in their life.
  15. Trust me, it would only complicate things. This would enable tickets to be assigned based on a language and thus considerably cutting down on the work force and people have to rely on a select few (or one individual) to eventually reply to their ticket. Google translate has worked so far and we rarely if ever get people who cannot understand what we're asking. Even if we do, usually rephrasing the question helps to have it produce a more accurate translation.
  16. Among the essays I believe someone brought up the delays in some of the top departments. Hopefully we'll be able to alleviate this issue by introducing a new volunteer there who'll be grinding hard for your satisfactory.
  17. Quite a bit of testing with several languages should be done to challenge either translators, don't you think? Can't switch to Bing with haste, based on one example.
  18. We don't change chat group emails, because we lack the tools to properly verify information that would allow us to link the chat group to its owner.
  19. Only one setting can be applied to a special code? If yes, then this should definitely be changed to support several.
  20. Sometimes you need JavaScript to wish good luck.
  21. Congratulations to all three of you.
  22. I have neither NOPC nor NOPM and I probably get more PC's from unwanted people than the average user. The ignore feature works just fine for me, should the annoyance become unbearable. What you're suggesting is unnecessarily complicated.
  23. As Brandon and many others have pointed out so far we have different volunteers working on specific type of tickets. That's how it works. However how it's compartmentalized, what tools are volunteers trusted with and who works on what specifically is not disclosed for security reasons. I would like to know why users need that information other than to annoy/abuse specific volunteers on chat. Neither are volunteers to blame. We're in fact volunteers and get very little compensation for our hard work. I'm not saying that I should be getting more, but I'm also not going to quit my day job and hobbies to 100% focus on what xat users expect of me. Could we benefit from recruiting more volunteers? Perhaps. We'll look into it if we decide that's true. That's how it has worked so far and that's how it's going to continue to work. Regarding the compartmentalization - it stays and again it has been pointed out why it makes sense for us to have it in place, regardless of the counter-arguments which I disagree with. For regular users and ex-volunteers it's easy to dictate and speculate what would be more efficient. From personal experience, security and more specifically for the sake of organization it's best to have it remain the way it is. The stress, pain and agony could be reduced to a minimum, if users would make themselves aware of the safe-trade system, specifically the confirm button to double check the trades. Avoiding "trust trades" and loans is also reasonable. If the deal is too good to be true, then it likely is. Another tip from us would be to secure their computer, email and xat accounts. Never enter your xat password on any other site and don't fall for xat currency generators, as there's no such thing. To sum it up.. I'm not blaming the users, however, it's a fact that the "stress, pain and agony" is often resulting from their own greed and/or carelessness. Users requesting for authentication or locking to be disabled rarely have to wait for too long, however, I agree that we could do better in that regard. If there are delays, then we pick up and clear them. Some weeks are busier than others. Currently some departments are delayed and we'll be focusing on those in the upcoming days.
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