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  1. Background color for buttons has been adjusted, dark badges have been made and syntax highlighting has been improved for the dark theme.
  2. Not a bug. As the OP stated, it's found under https://forum.xat.com/settings/account-security/
  3. Not going to happen due to inconveniences in searching for names with symbols in them.
  4. Addressing. In the meantime replace the script tags with something like <scr>.
  5. I don't think so. @Jasminex please PM me the code.
  6. Hello, Apparently she was locked out of her account twice for 3 unsuccessful login attempts, but has since recovered her password via email, so this should be sorted. Could you confirm?
  7. IPS has confirmed there's an issue that will be fixed in a future maintenance release.
  8. I figured it out, sending them an update.
  9. IPS confirmed there was an issue and escalated it to higher departments.
  10. Andre

    Update message

    I have not had this happen since that time. Refreshing the page has always fixed it for me. This message is displayed when some tasks are being ran, so unless it stalls for minutes/hours and can only be fixed by adding a ?asd at the end of the URL, we can consider this fixed. @SLOom
  11. IPS admits that there's probably an issue, but they can't fix what they can't reproduce, so they expect step-by-step instructions. Every time I've tried - a notification was conveniently sent.. We're probably missing some parameters that those specific topic creators managed to meet. Asking them to explain in detail how they created their topic might be the way of successfully reproducing this and solving the issue once and for all.
  12. I've been working on a dark theme, but it still requires quite a bit of polishing before it can be made public.
  13. Andre

    Trade Reason

    I wouldn't want to advertise the idea of borrowing powers and make it a responsibility of volunteers to return these powers to you should the borrowing party refuse to do so. If xat wanted there to be an option to borrow powers then they would implement this functionality. Borrowing is trust-based and should remain that way. If you can't trust the person enough to believe they'll return the goods on command then refrain from borrowing to that person.
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