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  1. Andre

    Problem with using gif in forum

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Andre

    Mention userlist not loading

    Could you try and reproduce this in incognito with extensions disabled?
  3. Andre

    Mention userlist not loading

    This has never happened to me. How often does this occur?
  4. Andre

    Text editor missing sometimes

    All right, addressing. Are you able to reproduce in incognito w/ extensions off @SLOom @LaFleur?
  5. Andre

    Text editor missing sometimes

    Please clear your cache and give me an update if it happens again @LaFleur. After clearing my cache, the editor loads considerably faster for me.
  6. Andre

    "Thanks" reaction

    From sarcastic to creepy.. I believe it's fine now. (flustered) looks a bit girly to me and a lot of the other suggested ones don't even make sense for a reaction titled "thanks".
  7. Andre

    Text editor missing sometimes

    Being addressed.
  8. Andre

    "Thanks" reaction

    Ideally reactions (with exception to "like") should preserve the general symmetry of being a round smiley. Not sure if (pty) w/o the party hat would have the same effect. Probably not.. or does it
  9. Andre

    "Thanks" reaction

    This would be the best replacement imo.
  10. Happy birthday!

    1. Sydno


      Thanks a lot, Andre!

  11. Andre

    Stop smiley frame

    The frame range should equal to however many frames a specific smiley has, any number beyond that should simply display the last available frame. Other than that, I hope this gets done.
  12. Andre

    Boost power BACKUP

    This would be useful. I doubt anyone needs their ranks backed up daily. Not that sensible to split your email across several accounts. You can set up filters/rules to label email and organize your inbox.
  13. Andre

    Rewards for helping

    Angelo pretty much summed up why this won't happen. Most importantly: There's no way to conveniently verify the legitimacy of votes given to posts in General Support.
  14. Andre

    Account why error 26

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

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