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  1. Andre


    We understand your frustration and have thus included the following information on the form:
  2. Done, done and fixed. I'm thinking since the thumbnails are based on label colors, it wouldn't be suitable to change one and not the other unless.. grayscale
  3. Hey there, https://xat.chat Let me know what you think.
  4. Forum staff is able to see this information. It's not publicly available to protect users' privacy.
  5. The pagination is missing and it's fixed with an update already released and soon to be applied to xat forum.
  6. Could you be more specific, e.g. which exact clubs are you referring to and who's unable to see you or promote/demote you?
  7. Image names with prefixes dark[1-3]- have their colors inverted on the dark theme with varying intensities. For example an image named dark2-cml.png would produce (using the contributor monthly log logo as an example):
  8. Background color for buttons has been adjusted, dark badges have been made and syntax highlighting has been improved for the dark theme.
  9. Not a bug. As the OP stated, it's found under https://forum.xat.com/settings/account-security/
  10. Not going to happen due to inconveniences in searching for names with symbols in them.
  11. Addressing. In the meantime replace the script tags with something like <scr>.
  12. I don't think so. @Jasminex please PM me the code.
  13. Hello, Apparently she was locked out of her account twice for 3 unsuccessful login attempts, but has since recovered her password via email, so this should be sorted. Could you confirm?
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