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  1. Andre

    2FA QR Code unable to display

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Andre

    Image in signature

    Ok, we should be good now with hosts supporting https. Existing and new images. New images that don't support https simply shouldn't hotlink automatically.
  3. Andre

    Image in signature

    Changed Status to Status: Closed Embedding the images of whitelisted sites from https connection works fine. Instruct users to replace http -> https to fix images.
  4. Andre

    Cannot register - Security check missing

    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  5. Andre

    Moving tables

    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  6. Andre


    Changed Status to Status: Fixed Will be fixed in an upcoming maintenance update.
  7. Andre


    Changed Status to Status: Fixed Managed to reproduce on 1920x1080 screen resolution.
  8. Andre

    Back to Top button is non-functional

    Changed Status to Status: Closed Changed Device to N/A
  9. Andre


    Yeah, it doesn't dance around for me.
  10. Andre


    I'm unable to reproduce.
  11. On forum, would you prefer round avatars (as they are now) or square ones (as they were before)?
  12. Andre

    Image in signature

    As I said, would have worked with https://i.cubeupload.com Anyway, should be good now.
  13. Andre

    Image in signature

    Or served over https
  14. Andre

    Image in signature

    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  15. Andre

    Update LinkValidator

    xat.chat sites are whitelisted, but they still run through linkval, so tough luck I suppose, when it's down.

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