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  1. Sometimes when I am on xat's app, I click on a users profile by accident. I think a pop-up should appear where it asks you if you're sure or not that you wanna visit their profile. It's just a bit annoying to clear your browser everytime you go to someone's xatspace by accident on mobile. This is my suggestion.
  2. I use Opera more. It's more customizable.
  3. Thank you Paige, good luck to you also for the future. Spawn, that is a good goal. I hope you are ready and prepared for fame (it isn't easy for some people) but I know you'll enjoy it. Both of you seem like good people! I wish the best future for both of you.
  4. As we all know a lot of harassment happens on xat. The ignore button is our one last resort to getting away from the drama and fighting. I think the ignore button shouldn't be limited to only 12-13 hours in my opinion. Like on kik for example, it lets you put a user on mute for 1 hour, until 8:00 am, or forever. I think these options should be the same for the ignore button on xat because no one wants to keep putting a user on ignore everytime they get on the next day. In my opinion, the ignore button is flawed but it can be fixed hopefully with this new update suggesti
  5. My goal is to start a new social networking company in the future. I created a Facebook clone website. What are your goals or goal?
  6. Hi there, You can buy romance power if you're looking for more love themed smilies. It's limited, but I'm sure you can buy it from trade.
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