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  1. Temo

    Byan my favorite reseller, happy birthday bro !  (hug)

    1. Bryan


      Thanks man, appreciate it (hug) 

  2. Happy birthday Angelo ! congratulations :p

    1. Angelo


      Gracias Temo !!!

  3. Temo

    WIN 1K Xats

    Congratulations @LarryJ
  4. Happy birthday brother ;)

    1. batuelmejor2010


      Thanks you bro (hug)

  5. Temo

    Happy birthday !

  6. Temo


    Greetings people I bring you a contest to win the new power LINEFX To compete only leave your (reg/id) in the comments for example T3M0X4T (10101610) start date: 24-04-2020 date of term: 29-04-2020 There is only one winner WINNER: https://i.imgur.com/af8O5rF.png https://i.imgur.com/z9pUU78.mp4 The winner has a three-day deadline to claim their prize in Noticias In the event that you do not claim your prize, a draw will be made in Noticias to win the linefx power
  7. Temo

    WIN 1K Xats

    Good luck to everyone and be active in xat.com/Noticias
  8. Happy Birthday !!  (hug)

    1. Lemona


      Thank you! (hug)

  9. Temo

    My designs

    nice designs friend
  10. [ a01860c4 / 663e65ae / 7292273d ] all in xat5
  11. [ 0b0218f6 / 47108fc1 / 3146cdc7 / 3b8620d6 / ded37c22 / be76cfc7 / 7a0b6b85 ] All in xat5
  12. 3a87d408 (chat) 26025e4 (chat) b68e70fa (chat) c5bfea63 (chat) bdc9db93 (chat)
  13. 34c6872f (xat5) c2703f19 (xat5) 7add9184 (xat5)
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