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  1. Os voluntários que respondem os tickets, como o próprio nome diz, fazem esse trabalho voluntariamente. Isso significa que eles trabalham, estudam e em seu tempo livre respondem os tickets que resolvem os problemas dos usuários. Tendo isso em mente, não dá para esperar que a resposta seja instantânea. Lembre-se que você não é o único que tem um ticket aberto com um problema para ser resolvido, existem muitos outros em uma fila para serem respondidos. Felizmente, o tempo de resposta é mais rápido do que costumava ser antigamente, então pode levar horas até alguns poucos dias para ser respondido. Peço que seja paciente.

  2. Hello !! 


    You will have to open a ticket under the "Account Block" for your case to be investigated. To do that, follow the steps below:

    Open a new ticket https://util.xat.com/support/open.php

    Type your username and password;

    Type the e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem;

    Select the help topic "Account Block";

    Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words;

    Type the message describing your issue;

    And click on open ticket.

  3. Hello !!


    I'm opening this thread to talk about something that i noticed, Some users confuse some powers and smilies as well due to the great similarity in their NAMES, for exp we have " REVEL " and REVEAL " powers, a user wants to buy REVEAL but he can post REVEL by confusion or mistake ... we've KOFFEE and COFFEE the same thing, and we're seeing that some users appreciate some smilies too, today there was a user who posted " Buy SMOKES " people tried to help him they said : smoke = military power, others said adventure power, cuz we have SMOKE the smiley of military power, and SMOKES the smiley of adventure power. 


    So through this thread i would like to say designers / smiley makers try to make always a different names of powers and smilies in the future ( names that not already exist ) to not creat confusion for users please, i know this needs some efforts but we trust you, we appreciate what you're doing, Greeting to you all. 


    Thanks ! 

  4. I hope everyone is in good health. Take your precautions. We are facing an opponent to be reckoned with, but this is a passing cloud. This matter will end soon. I hope you stay safe and healthy. Greeting to all

  5. I see this is a nice power but i don't understand why the word " new " in the name (hmm) to make a difference between this one and the previous patrick powers ? you can simply call it " pat " why not, i think the word " new " will create confusion LATER, for exp when a user will post " buy new " you can't know what exactly the " new " that he / she means ... this NEWPATRICK or another power. 

  6. Tendrás que esperar a held que termine, Entonces podrás cambiar tu regname.
    Si el held se repite solo, deberá abrir un ticket en el tema de ayuda "Account Block"

    Haga clic aquí para abrir un ticket https://util.xat.com/support/open.php

    Llene la información requerida 'nombre de registro y contraseña, el correo electrónico asociado con la cuenta tiene problemas'

    Seleccione el tema de ayuda para "Account Block"

    Escribe el tema en ingles (ejemplo: My xat account is held.)

    Escribe el mensaje en ingles (ejemplo: My xat account regname (ID) is held again more than 7 days, please help!) 

    Luego haga clic en 'Open Ticket'


    Muy bien, tendrás un ticket abierto. Sé paciente esperando una respuesta en tu Email.

  7. I appreciate this idea, adding the reason seems good why not ? and speaking of the transfer, a button " ok " or " confirm " should be added In the message that appears while doing the transfer below ( a user id 1 transferred ... xats to user id 2 + button ok or confirm )

  8. This is considered as a smiley power because the way of presenting a sticker power is a bit different, the names of smilies can be reduced, for example : (klionmad) ------> (klmad), (klionredface) --------> (klredface) ..., nice drawing nice idea, i like it. Thank you

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