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  1. Hello (hi) 


    To be honest i don't know how exactly to talk about this idea, but let's try anyway lol, here i'll not talk about official chats because volunteers are a main owners there in general.


    In this case i want to talk about private chats, to make the idea clearer.


    Let's take an exemple to facilitate understanding the idea : for exp i'm a main owner of a private chat (X), i have 2 co-main owners with me (A) and (B), if for some reason I DON'T WANT  (A) to be a co-main owner in my chat anymore, i should click " edit " entering with the chat code, and changing it, click " reset the chat " then come back to the chat room re-rank the other users ... ( it happens like this in private chats ) these are a long steps and this takes a time.


    So, my idea is adding a button, or an option in the chat setting to shorten and facilitate the downgrading of a co-main owner without going through all those previous mentioned  steps.


    I'd like to know what do you think about this, also if you have something to add and to develop this idea.


    Thank you !! 

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  2. O E29 que você está tendo enquanto tenta logar significa que sua conta está travada em outro local (ou IP) e um ticket deve ser criado no departamento "Locked Out". Você terá que abrir um pedido de abertura de ticket. Para abri-lo, siga os passos abaixo:

    Vá até o formulário de abertura de ticket clicando https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form

    Em "Type of Request", selecione "Locked Out";

    Digite o nome de usuário da conta bloqueada;

    A ID dessa conta;

    E o e-mail associado a ela.

    Pronto, o seu pedido foi criado com sucesso!
    Assim que o seu ticket for aberto, você irá receber um e-mail com um link azul para começar o processo de recuperação.

  3. On 5/8/2020 at 10:32 AM, DUYGU said:

    The most beautiful flowers known for their beauty are monolya and violet. these beautiful flowers may look great when used in xat emojis. I added pictures showing the beauty and elegance of violets and monolyas. When these flowers are turned into a xat flower powers and these flowers are designed as a new and different xat powers, we can see xat like a flower garden. Also these flowers can be designed in new spring and summer powers. I think that there should be innovations in flower powers and spring powers and I thought that the expected new flower power would be the garden power, I tried to support the ''garden xat powers'' ''suggest'' by adding new additional flowers and flower emojis. I will continue to support the garden power proposal with more different flower emojis. It would also be nice to see these flowers in xat pawns. Example, pink violet pawn for xat pink powers pawn, purple violet pawn for xat purple powers, yellow violet pawn for xat gold powers would be appropriate and beautiful.I am trying to bring innovations and changes to xat. I am trying to improve to xat and xat powers to next


    8YwyY0J.jpg   h801g6e.jpgGzcoczB.jpgIqf0pFw.jpgJRCojuo.jpgZFQs2rw.jpgNHWLPHN.jpgmSpqwR5.jpg

    I like these flowers, they're nice like you @DUYGU you're a cool person 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Anas said:

    I would like to add that the message color will be better in black or yellow instead of red! Because red is a color for caution and errors. (Same apply with the trade app message when the trade is done).

    Yellow ? i don't like it, yellow is not clear and it hurts eyes, the message would be better in BLUE, it's a nice colour + it's a colour of xat LOGO.

  5. On 4/3/2020 at 9:14 PM, ghostnamberone said:

    spacer.png        spacer.png    colori usati ff81f2 f91362 ff0f0f

    spacer.pngcolore pulsante # 8aadb4 # 94d0b5 # 013416

    Ho usato 3 colori


    spacer.png            spacer.png           colori  068d32   ffff  ff0000

    I appreciate the 3rd BG with the italian flag (goo) very nice, i like it ( just an opinion ). Congratulation all winners especially @DonQuijote and @Fons.

  6. A good and smart idea especially that with normal yellow smiles we cannot do any combination we want, but I see that this power gives the possibility to do many combinations.

    8 minutes ago, Paul said:

    how about adding another option for hands? using with hand power, obviously hand power would be required 

    I agree with you @Paul hands, hands2, silly powers why not.

  7. you don't have to rebuy the short name. But yes, you can change the capitalization of your username through the login page by scrolling down to "More".


    Note that you may have to wait 14 days before you can change the capitalization if you recently purchased the short name.

  8. Hello !!


    I already posted this idea in a simple status, idk if it has been suggested before, i want to thank @DJFUNNY who supported it, here i want to share it with you


    The idea is why not to add DOODLE in a status, to make some drawing statuses, i'm sure a lot of users are going to enjoy this, Also why not to add it in a conversation in order to allow us to send some drawing messages, I think it would be fun to exchange messages in the form of drawing, even for fun among friends.



    Thank you !!



  9. I'm skilled in my field, which is martial arts, i'm a technical director, I can make moves that no one else can do ( On some occasions outside my lessons for my students ), Other than that, I am skilled at playing some musical instruments, Acting ... here in xat mmm well i'm skilled in respecting rules and doing what i want.

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  10. On 4/25/2020 at 10:05 PM, DJFUNNY said:


    I hope all of you are much better since all this started. In New York only the essential companies are allowed to be open, my job for example is open which means I have to be working everyday except saturdays... I am taking a lot of precautions every time I leave home, using mask at all times and measuring my temperature (just in case) at work... 


    Be safe!

    @DJFUNNY be carefull and take more precautions please.

  11. As for me, I am not working now because my work is stalled due to the Corona virus, but I try to keep myself as active as possible by doing sporty movements at home. Browse some useful pages on the computer, playing some games, and meeting friends in chatting without forgetting the forum, of course.

  12. Hi bro i appreciate what are proposing here but this idea seems not clear to me especially you didn't give an exemples, if you mean a music power we already have MUSIC,  if you mean a panws, well these pawns are normally supposed to be added with MUSIC, RADIO, BROADCASTER, INSTRUMENTS ... powers in my opinion. Thank you 

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