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  1. just a smilies with glasses and what else ? nothing (hmm) Add to your idea other things, for example hug, mixed codes with others powers or smilies ... i don't know try to add a possibilities don't let it very very very simple like this 

  2. we have ruby, gold, purple ... here i propose an other power pawn that can be added to them i like to call it " crystal " a pawn with the same form as gold, purple ... and the white color bright like the crystal. When this power is enabled, your pawn will be crystal on the list of users regardless of your rank (guest, member, moderator, owner or main owner). and You will still appear brown if you're banned, or red if you're offline.

    You can send a hug on the main chat.

    Sending a hug:   /hug cryst Your message here#optional color code


    smilies : crystal, crstar, crbars, crring, givecrystal, crstone, crystalbox   /  code hat : (hat#hc)




  3. hello as you know this is the period of the beginning of the entry to school, of course among tools used in the school there is a " pencil ", here i propose a smiley power that i like to call it " pencil " these 2 screens shows some smilies that the power can contain them  http://prntscr.com/kuvtty     http://prntscr.com/kuvzd6

    for the the code hat i propose : hat#hp (pencil)


    I hope that my suggestion will impress you. Thanks

  4. " nocara "  " noface " ... or any name, for me i can't say if it's a good idea or not until see what's the goal and the difference  between this smiley power and the prévious smiley powers, even if it's a smiley power like a lot of powers there is something different that should be done. when i say " difference " i don't mean the form of the power

  5. oh my god please i said i'm not talking about powers those coasts mor than 200 xats don't tell me about big or announce ... i'm talking about powers less than 150 xats ( store price ) and my idea is the power could be like " dx " and " x2d " which means a simple conversions

  6. what's the problem ? i proposed this for powers less than 150 xats to help for selling them fast and it will be a simple conversions, for other powers and trade cambio loja ... there will be no problem i don't know why you mixed the power with cambio loja trade ... 

    i'm not talking about powers those coasts more than 200 xats to tell about power " big " or i don't know 

  7. blacky this operation is not for all powers i'm talking about powers those coasts less than 150 xats (store price ) for other powers you can negotiate  but i think cheap powers doesn't need negociations when you make the operation and it tells you " close chat windows ... " you're going to earn xats after 

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