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  1. This is an easy way to add main owners but is it a power ? this should be an option only and @LaFleur has already talked about it here 

    i think this topic shouldn't be posted here in NEW POWER TESTING forum,  it's already mentioned in @LaFleur's topic is enough.


    I don't know if you're talked about it cuz i didn't come to the forum much time these days i'm busy a little bit, if you remember i talked in my topic here about removing a main owner 

    so if i want to remove a co main owner is it enough to remove his name from the list ?  Thank you

  2. Oh (goo) i didn't reply for this i was busy this week, this seems a cute power especially that smiley of teddy love hhh, nice power thank you designer idk who made it anyway good job.

  3. 1 hour ago, ider said:


    Hello There,

    I think it would be a good idea to create recognition for the doctors who are in xat, a pawn color that identifies them as doctors would be super cool.


    Of course users to won it will have to show their proofs.

    That will be a process like people to get Celebrity pawn.


    For those who fights everyday face to face with this pandemic.


    Later will add some pawn ideas or if someone wanna add it is free to do so.

     Hello @ider 1) you said " doctors who are in xat " do we have a doctors in xat ? maybe it's you lol, 2) as @Leandro said doctors deserve all the recognition they get elsewhere, 3) about celebrity pawn we have CYAN PAWN that Cyan pawn was designed and set aside as the official celebrity pawn for xat, serving as a verification system, much like on websites such as Twitter or Instagram. The pawn gives no extra functionality apart from the word "celebrity" appearing while hovering over their pawn. 4) if you want to see something in xat that can express recognition for doctors we have the new power MEDICAL now. Thanks

  4. Thanks for making this power. This is the least that xat can offer. to thank the health frameworks for their  big efforts to fight the Corona epidemic. A special thanks to them. Thank you too.

  5. I think some of those smilies exist in some powers, there are similar smiles to them if they are not themselves, the difference is in this idea there is the flag mask, i like this,  and as @xLaming mentioned this point can be developed by having a specific code. Thank you

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