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  1. On 2/20/2021 at 2:43 AM, xRavennn said:


    From my perspective, it's a pretty cute suggestion, but I think it looks quite similar to an already existing power: Scamp.

    I understand that the purpose of this suggestion is for a sticker power, but on the other side, the already existing power may resemble to some extent a sticker power if big power is used.


    i think no problem since we already have some similar powers like koffee and coffee, kchick anichick and now chicky ... 

  2. Just now, coneja said:

    muchas gracias }.. ya lo intente varias veces.. en ingles y español y nomas no  https://prnt.sc/116x0q1  ..  me sigue saliendo lo mismo

    Olvidó poner el correo electrónico hermano y el asunto debe incluir solo 5 palabras que describan el problema como le dije antes, si no puede abrir the Ticket, puede comunicarse con cualquier voluntario para que lo abra por usted.

  3. hola el "Subject" debe tener 5 palabras que describan el problema luego agregar más información en "mensaje" recuerde que todo debe estar en idioma INGLÉS, finalmente haga clic en "open ticket".
      Nota: si recibe el mensaje o "usuario pagado", puede cambiar el tema de ayuda a "General question or concern".


    Buena suerte

  4. I'm not sure i think somehow this may be created in the future, but like STIF said we have enough and different name effects by using namewave, nameflag ... also users can make more with NUM power, cycle, supercycle, Led ... 

  5. Hello bro this idea has been suggested before



    Please next time use " search feature " to know if the idea already exists, also as designers say we've enough pawns, i don't think another one's going to be added. 


    Thanks !!

  6. Wow this is great, finally an epic power good job especially much status shapes has been suggested, thank you !! is STATUSCOLOR required to use this power ? or only status and statusglow (hmm) 

    3 hours ago, Abrahan said:

    This is a compilation of users who made suggestions similar to this power. I am happy to see that sooner or later the suggestions of users are taken into account by xat when they see its potential, I hope this serves as an example or inspiration to see more ideas or crazy suggestions here in the forum or in the Feedback chat - Enjoy!



    Statusgrad and statuscycle too 

  7. 6 hours ago, Abrahan said:

    Well for that we have the Forum Moderators (all Volunteers are Moderators) to supervise them, I don't think it takes a long time to glance at the contests when they are posted.


    Probably the solution that the forum team is working on makes the Moderators more involved in the contests forum, anyway I have never seen a suggestion to make a rank of this nature in the forum, thanks for sharing it.

    Hello !! yeah i know they are moderators, just they are busy every one of them has things to do, i don't think they might have time to see what happens with the contests, till someone report something.


    6 hours ago, xLaming said:

    To be clear, I don't agree on creating more ranks or changing the current system that already works fine. When something is good, better don't touch.


    My suggestion is just to separate the daily/long contests (a new subforum for daily contests), or just pin long contests.


    It's better not to do a more bureaucratic process, just organize it is enough.

    Nice i understand the idea, i also know that increasing ranks in the forum remains a rare thing, but it is possible if there is a need for that in the future, because the need is what generates the invention.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Page said:

    I hope so much for the day 

    Maybe but I think we have so much ranks, how it works? 

    Make 100 post and receive your rank? 

    Apply? A person that is suggested by someone? 


    Yeah we have so much ranks, just i think for the contests to be well organized we can have a team to oversee them in the forum, this is up to volunteers and admins @Andre ... idk 

    1 minute ago, Abrahan said:

    I don't agree that creating a contest too often will get you ranked, anyway good Laming suggestion.


    Why do users who create contests often need to be identified? Is there any risk? For some reason we have the Prize Holders of the forum.

    No i don't mean users who create contests are those who have to be ranked, i mean a team to oversee them like i said before (hi) 

  9. 5 hours ago, Andre said:

    The issue of daily contests cluttering the forum is being discussed and will be resolved soon.

    I liked this idea, contests in the forum is something nice and fun, of course, just they need to be organized either through periods, for example, each contest for a specific period of a week or 10 days ... depending on the idea and nature of the contest, or there could be another suggestion: chosing a person to take charge of organizing contests (from Volunteers, contributors or another person from the forum members in general) and every user who wants to make a contest can consult this person to give him a specific period to make the contest that he or she wants ( like i said before depending on the idea of the contest ). Maybe a new rank / level may be added in the forum we have Game Makers, Smiley Makers, why not to add Contest Makers / organisators ?  (hmm) 

  10. I like this pawn too, like SAPPHIRE said it may be a default hat pawn, or it can be given a privacy or a special advantage like CYAN ( it's the official celebrity pawn for xat )

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