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  1. Hello !! if i'm not wrong @Shake is talking about the creation of powers, they've to be in a high quality, you know we've to appreciate what smiley makers are doing just as you mentioned if they're doing an effort the result should be very good. and about time we've been seeing before a new power per week, now sometimes we're seeing it after 2 or 3 weeks, Anyway, we should appreciate their efforts and thank them, just please ( i asked for this before ) there are some DUPLICATED powers, a lot of smiliar powers that have the same name and the same nature ( smiley powers ) let's take the last new power as an exemple : we already have " WORM " power, now there is " WORMS " and both are a smiley powers, at least something different / special should be made, to say or conclude that the latter is different to the first one, i've another point if i or someone for exemple suggest a similar power to another that we already have a lot of users are going to say " No " " We already have this ... " ( this happened many times ) but smiley makers are making some similar powers so ... i don't know anyway this is up to them. Thanks
  2. Happy birthday sweety with full happiness and success  (hug) 

  3. Hello! seeing for exp Ravey changed "THEIR" profil photo is not a mistake, " their " is also used
  4. Hello! time goes fast lol ok my 3rd message here is going to be for someone that we respect maybe he is the most active person in the forum he is helping giving solutions contributing he helped me on a lot of things by the way i'd like to say thank you @Stif
  5. Hello I hope everything is fine with all of you, sorry if i'm wrong or i didn't understand well, i've some questions about this topic just to CLARIFY : 1) " Influencers are users who have notable space on other social network communities (and some xat volunteers) " having notable space on social networks through what ? or which activities ? 2) " They must be popular in their own area " you mean geographically ? where they live ? their city, neighborhood ... ? 3) " or mentioned xat during their presence on other sites " How ? 4) " xat will look at each suggestion carefully to see if the person matches to our criteria " I don't know how could you choose the right person here, these criteria seem complicated. Thanks
  6. Hello, here is my 2nd message in this contest since it's allowed to post once per week, for someone that i love, someone special, generous by helping giving ideas and advicing, a cool person it's the princess @Christina i ♡ you.
  7. This is good @Solange 9 years are not short. They are years full of what is positive and negative, for sure, depending on how you look at them... Well, what do you think about being my guest lol, since it is related to your anniversary, tell us about your experience with this first, how did you discover xat ? And what did you gain from the experience that lasted 9 years as a CAMBIO main owner and two years I think as a volunteer ? would you please answer these questions then we'll be in the event to answer yours haha
  8. This is for you @Lemona thank you for helping advicing solving issues ... i appreciate all what you do and i ♡ you .
  9. Prize received thank you
  10. My favourite thing on xat is meeting a different people from a different countries, cuz this allows me to exchange ideas, to know their cultures and habbits.
  11. Hello (hug) how u doing honey ? i'd like to discuss something with u 

    1. Lemona


      Hey Maxo (hug)! I’m doing okay thank you, how are you? Send me a message here or on the chat anytime if you wish to discuss something.

    2. Maxo


      Thanks honey i'll contact u (hug) 

  12. eLreydeLreino (1509522881)
  13. Happy birthday dear friend, best wishes 

    1. Sergio


      Thank you so much Maxo! (hug) 

  14. eLreydeLreino (1509522881)
  15. eLreydeLreino (1509522881)
  16. eLreydeLreino (1509522881)
  17. Happy birthday sol sol (hug) with full happiness and success 

    1. Solange


      Thank you!

  18. Happy birthday angelo, best wishes (hug) 

    1. Angelo


      Thanks Maxo :$ :) 

    2. Maxo


      Enjoy ur day 

  19. Maxo

    Happy birthday bro with full happiness and success (hug) 

  20. Thank you for all what you did @Luana it was a very nice month with you. Grats @Lida
  21. eLreydeLreino (1509522881)
  22. The power is Limited, here is the wiki page : https://xat.wiki/Lovespring
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