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  1. i see the majority likes simple small things here when you see a simple small thing you say (excellent, good ... ) when you see something great you become philosophers ( no, but, disagree ... ) oh my god (sry)

  2. Maxo

    PX power

    oh my god please i said i'm not talking about powers those coasts mor than 200 xats don't tell me about big or announce ... i'm talking about powers less than 150 xats ( store price ) and my idea is the power could be like " dx " and " x2d " which means a simple conversions
  3. Maxo

    PX power

    what's the problem ? i proposed this for powers less than 150 xats to help for selling them fast and it will be a simple conversions, for other powers and trade cambio loja ... there will be no problem i don't know why you mixed the power with cambio loja trade ... i'm not talking about powers those coasts more than 200 xats to tell about power " big " or i don't know
  4. Maxo

    PX power

    blacky this operation is not for all powers i'm talking about powers those coasts less than 150 xats (store price ) for other powers you can negotiate but i think cheap powers doesn't need negociations when you make the operation and it tells you " close chat windows ... " you're going to earn xats after
  5. Maxo

    PX power

    SlOom (110110) " You can convert a maximum of powers that coasts less than 150 xats " here i mean the store price
  6. Maxo

    PX power

    hello i like to make a suggestion for a power that i like to call it " PX " you know there is a power called " dx " it converts days for xats and an other power " x2d " that converts xats for days, my idea is a power that can convert or simply saying change a powers for xats : The PX (powers -> xats) power allows you to convert your powers to xats through conversions. an exemple here : power (shuffle) click on " convert " ( or change ) bouton than close all chat windows and return to your chat ... Notes: You will need and use up one PX power for each conversion. You can convert a maximum of powers that coasts less than 150 xats
  7. to be honest maybe i don't know much things about xat but i can manage better than everybody i'm an expert in buisness management you know what ? there are trade rules cambio rules troca rules xat test rules ... AND MAX RULES 

    1. Ereshkigal


      professional best xatter

  8. what i like more on xat is there are a lot of users from all world personnaly i know some people from other countaries : spain, colombia, peru, france, malaysia ... when we say other coutaries we say : other languages, other cultures, other religions, changing ideas ... for me i like to know about other cultures and peoples it improves the background

  9. Maxo


    elreydelreino (1509522881)
  10. today is friday the special day 8-) my favorite day i think it's the favorite day for THE MILLIONS xat's users and max fans too :d:d

  11. hello i like to propose a power that i call it " namecycle " you know there are a lot of users makes those long codes of (noel#noel#num...) for every letter or 2 letters of the name. i think this power namecycle can facilitate all this. we can use namecycle like this for exemple : (glow#000001#cycle#y) or (glow#000001#supercycle#yff0000l2300ff00l470000ffl71ff0000) for colours everybody can choose what he/she wants. Note : nameglow, cycle and supercycle are required for namecycle to function
  12. I'M HERE to feel an amazing feeling with THE MILLIONS users of xat and max fans (maniac) (hello)

  13. hello i think that a character of cartoon films can be made as a power of smilies, my idea here is the character of " spongebob " its smilies could be : spongebob ( the main smiley ) + splaugh, spkiss, sprun, sppatrick ( spongebob and his freind patrick ), spsleep, spswimming, spcry, spfight, sphug, spclap. the code of pawn : (hat#hs) for spongebob, (hat#hp) for his freind patrick
  14. Maxo


    hello i like to make a suggestion for a power that can be made, its name is " statusgrad " a functional power as " namegrad " but for status: Rainbow and custom gradient effects with your statuscolor. Note: You must use at least two colors in your statusgrad code, otherwise it will default. An example of a code for a custom gradient (the code is entered into your display status): (stglow#0#stgrad#r#g#r90) Here is a breakdown of the code: stglow#0 - Glow effect for your gradient. Replace 0 with a hex code to set a statusglow, or leave it at 0 for no glow. stgrad#r#g - Two color gradients, beginning with red and ending with green. You can use up to 15 colors at once to produce gradient effects. stgrad#r#g#b#000001#ffffff - In this example, 5 colors are used in the following order: red, green, blue, black then white. r90 - Rotates the gradient 90 degrees clockwise (vertical gradient). s1 - Shifts the gradient to the right. The higher the number, the more it shifts. To produce a rainbow gradient, simply put (stglow#0#stgrad) in your status. Note: statuscolor and statusglow are required for statusgrad to function.
  15. elreydelreino (1509522881) elreydelreino (1509522881)
  16. elreydelreino (1509522881)
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