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  1. Thanks to all who joined us, i hope you enjoyed time with us, a special thanks to the official main owners of HTML5 chat a special thanks for @Dimple who contributed with us in the contest, congratulations all winners, thanks @Page and congratulations for being a contributor this is cool. Thank you all
  2. Hello !! Our contest will be started after 1 HOUR. Welcome all
  3. To be honest you are a cool person george c scott salute GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

  4. Hello! Just to remind you that tomorrow friday JANUARY 29th, we will have a contest in the official chat HTML5, from 22:00 pm (GMT+1), i hope you'll join us and you enjoy time with us. Welcome all.
  5. <3 <3 <3 


    1. theFlower


      you are my angel(blowkiss)

    2. Maxo


      and you are my love (blowkiss) 

  6. welcome i hope you will have fun with us
  7. Welcome all of you i hope you'll enjoy time with us in HTML5 chat. Note : Prize holders me & @Page, and donations are accepted as PAGE mentioned Thank you!!
  8. Maxo

    618 ACID

    We waited the new for a long time, now we have this nice power it looks a creative smiley power as solange mentioned, I think for the first time we have a power of this kind that has something to do with what is physical science,it's good to have a diversity of powers, everyone of them express a subject, i like it.
  9. Special thanks to @Sydno our friend & bro the cool person, and @Christina, who animated the event it was a very good time, thank you so much my entry was a simple gift for xat trade by the occasion of its 12th anniversay, happy birthday xat trade, like i say everytime i'm always happy to be there with all of you, i love u all here is my entry :
  10. You Are My Sunshine Love GIF

    1. theFlower


      you are my angel(blowkiss)allah yakhlik liya 

    2. Maxo


      amin bb w ykhelik lia ta nti (blowkiss) 

  11. If i'm not wrong the idea is about a power that can allow us to use symbols like these https://prnt.sc/x17far, it's a good idea, those symbols add a fancy to the name, and It's noted the majority of users now use it.
  12. You know it's cold here and we are now in the winter season. Can I borrow your UMBRELLA ?  :p 

    1. Solange
    2. Maxo


      mmmm ty honey  Illustration Love GIF by Denyse®

  13. I want just to ask if STICKER powers appear in the list  here https://prnt.sc/wn0nkw ? i bought magnus i didn't see it in my powers, if not i'm proposing to add a party for STICKERS if it's possible. THANKS @LaFleur 

    1. theFlower


      pcme at xat html5 i will  help you

    2. Sergio


      It does happen with all sticker powers unless they are added to specific collections. It's been reported already. 

  14. Maxo

    NAMELED Power

    This idea needs to be developped so as theFlower said you need to read this post " how to suggest " 2) Speaking of the exemple you mentioned we already have the power CYCLE + SUPERCYCLE you can make your name like that by these 2 powers, and for the title we have the power LED which can make a different name styles with a different colors. Thanks
  15. After years of service adobe flash stopped working, now we have HTML5, There should be change and renewal, i hope all users enjoy time by the new version and thank you @LaFleur.
  16. As page mentioned you bring a nice ideas, i like this one nice CHAMELEON smilies i hope i'll see this idea in the future
  17. Rai Song  (applause)

    1. theFlower


      kon ysma3 bih kadim sahir yntahar(toj)whaynari hna 3arab naarfo ghir sar9a(wailing)

    2. Maxo
  18. Maxo

    Power VIKINGS

    Those are a nice smilies and i like the design of those pawns too, i hope this idea will be taken into consideration
  19. The new year started with being too much cold :$ :s 

  20. As solange said you can do this by some generators ( websites ) of making or changing words style, but to be able to edit the name not just using sites as you mentioned i think an option or a codes may be created / added ( like status code for exp ).
  21. Hi everybody !! First greeting to all, I would like to take this opportunity and this occasion as we celebrate the New Year, to thank everyone who contributed and helped for the development of xat during the year 2020 and the previous years. I want to thank mr @Admin Which intensifies efforts for everything to be okay in xat's world, i want to thank xat TRADE staff my home @Dopest@Kaay@mary17@Anas @Amnaa@HUSE1N@Christina... i'm happy and proud to be with you guys , i want to thank VOLUNTEERS : @Crow@LaFleur@Cupim@Sydno@Andre@Solange@Stif for their great work, active contribution and assistance by the way I apologize to them if i did something wrong, i want to thank CONTRIBUTORS especially @HelperNate@Sevda@DjCrazy @Elea@Paul@Abrahan@David@Sergio@Mister@Luana... for their efforts, i want to thank GAME MAKERS @SLOom@xLaming @Maverick for their hard work for the success and repair of applications, SMILEY MAKERS @Mihay@Junior@iSanty... for their talents their creations their good and nice ideas and BOT SERVICE PROVIDERS @Nathan @Jedi @Actavus @LP89 ... For their help in everything related to BOT apps, without forgetting all WIKI EDITORS especially @Lemona and @Daniel WIKI TRANSLATORS in the forum. A special thanks for @Bau he always try to create fun in the forum through their contests, thank you A special thanks to the sweetest @DUYGU and the cutest @theFlower for being the most actif in forum both of them in their own way, also @NoSense the talented man Who enjoys us with his creativity and good ideas. A special greetings to @Bryan the friend and brother the gentleman, the cheerful spirit @Fons@iiLu@Angelo@Brandon@Echo@Santademonia@IDC ... Thank you all, i love you all, each and every single of you, who likes me and who doesn't it doesn't matter...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 with full happiness and success. Stay safe !!
  22. Maxo

    " Buy " Button

    Maybe KNACK, but TRADER is different : store price 100 xats, and the trading price ( price bot ) = 350 - 400 now, imagine if you buy for exp 2 TRADER powers and you re-sell them in trade, or cambio ... there will be more benefit, i hope prices will be added in store especially as i mentioned before for smiley powers and stickers.
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