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  1. Maxo


    An idea suited to the winter @Anas i think its price can be only between 200 - 250. i appreciate the idea
  2. Maxo

    happy birthday paws

  3. Maxo

    happy birthday 

  4. happy birthday mister 

    1. Mister


      hey Maxo, thank you !

    2. Maxo


      enjoy your day

  5. Maxo

    happy birthday fonsho 

    1. Fons



      Thanks Max handsome (cute)

    2. Maxo


      de nada guapo 

  6. to be married with to different users ( girls ) you want to make a war between both of them i don't think that's possible my freind but i appreciate your idea not bad
  7. wait wait after the " kcar " there will be " ktrain " " kbicycle " " kmoto " " ktaxi " ...  A xat's TRANSPORTATION COMPANY  (toj)(ok)

    1. Junior


      What idea? Anas'? That's the way to go. It makes no sense complaining about powers when you do nothing to improve them.

    2. Anas


      I will suggest something that Junior already have an idea about it. Anyway I WILL TRY HELP! (sry)

    3. Maxo
    4. Show next comments  135 more
  8. Maxo

    Power Cupid :D

    i think you are in LOVE because of that you made a LOVE smilies estás enamorado
  9. Maxo

    happy birthday sydno, best wishes

    1. Sydno


      Thanks maxo!

  10. mmm these are a very simple gifs, good job any way
  11. fear ? fear has no place in maxo' s vocabulary
  12. Maxo

    happy birthday marshall (victory)

  13. Maxo

    happy birthday jenna ;)

  14. to be the best you have to BEAT the best (victory)

  15. i want to thank all 15 users who participed to my contest thank you very much, congratulations to @Christina who won the SPIN power, send me a private message than contact me in xat.com/cambio to receive your prize. Thanks for others there are more chances to win with maxo, here i'd like to give the EASTERLOVE power to one lucky user on the forum. RULES: - Reply with your regname and ID. - Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. - One winner will be chosen Friday 09 november at 8:00 PM ( GMT ). - If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. - You can contact me to receive the prize in xat.com/cambio  good luck for all !!
  16. MAXO is an active person he has a lot of missions in his life MAXO is a master and a Chairman of  committees he will not find difficulties to take your officiel xat's or forum missions (maniac) maxo likes working 

    1. Nezuko


      maxo should stop posting on forum under the influence of alcohol. 


      don't be like maxo.

    2. Maxo


      alcohol ? what's this crazy comment like you ? (smirk)

  17. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because computer games develops intelligence and concentration, Why you don't play sport ?
  18. Maxo

    happy birthday bleiz 

  19. xat is a source of learning languages, communication ... etc

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