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  1. Maxo


    yes @myow now they think for making more pawns
  2. Maxo


    i like that matrix pawn
  3. the first thing that i'm going to do is changing the staff, the staff should be very active they should working hard not coming for 1 hour for exemple saying 1 word and going, I will use a scientific method in the management of xat
  4. Maxo


    good job @zzMark codes should be simple and very easy for all users which helps to take them in easily
  5. I want to thank all 15 participantes who replied to my contest, thank you so much, congratulations to @AR91 who won the NOEL power send me a private message than contact in xat.com/cambio to receive your prize. THANKS for others there are more chances to win with maxo, here i'd like to give the ANIMATE power to one lucky user on the forum. RULES: - Reply with your regname and ID. - Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. - One winner will be chosen MONDAY 19 november at 8:00 PM ( GMT
  6. Maxo

    Smilies suggestions

    good design @6 mmmm as a name i suggest " couplefood " because i see a food smilies here
  7. Maxo


    there was a lot of pawn powers suggested before as " crystal " " silver " ... mr @Junior said " we have enough pawn powers " i like this matrix pawn it seems so good
  8. good job @Alee this is very nice but @Loba922 i think we have a lot powers and smilies of love, enough
  9. after discovering the forum at the first time MAXO made a planning, MAXO has a lot of plans and programs to do here in the forum, I DONT STOP  

  10. http://prntscr.com/lj7y1j what's happened here ? no posts (scn)

    1. Maxo


      but there was some posts before

    2. Samuel


      You can find Appbot's post in the "New power testing" subforum. 


    3. Maxo
    4. Show next comments  132 more
  11. @Adnan you star is blocked you can not make a transfer or trading, creat a ticket, or wait for 5 days you account will be active, also if you have the power " mint " unchek it from your powers because this power can prevent transfers
  12. Maxo


    mmmm i don't think so
  13. Maxo


    black pawn is for one person who created it for himself i forgot his name, there is no black pawn for other group of staff or somebody else
  14. i agree with you in one point you talked about volunteers really they help, they advise they does a great job here in the forum by the way i like to say them THANK YOU @Angelo @Sydno @Cupim @Crow @Brandon @Echo @Mihay... without forgetting of course the moderator of the forum @lafleur
  15. Maxo

    happy birthday @Tigi

    1. Tigi


      Thank you my friend :d

    2. Maxo


      welcome  enjoy your day 

  16. It is a factor of surprise something that is not usually for you, of course you will feel some fear
  17. Maxo


    this is a complicated topic
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