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  1. xat, facebook, youtube and some websites used for editing photos
  2. was there a forum xat before this one ? 

    1. SLOom


      Yes. We have just upgraded to another forum software.



    2. Maxo
  3. people who think they know everything they understand everything and they think they are something
  4. good job guys nice designs good luck
  5. i want to thank all users who participated in my contests, this means a lot for me, thank you so much. Congratulations to @Pia who won the ANIMATE power send me a private message than contact in xat.com/cambio to receive your prize. THANKS for others i want to say my contests will be continued soon not with the normal way, but there will be a different way to announce the winner. now i have a planning and programs to do here in the forum the first thing is " MAXO's INFO " that will be started WEDNESDAY this will be rich of important informations about xat and its elements ... just
  6. sport : i'm already talented in martial arts but i like to develop more and more
  7. let MAXO speaks the way that you can understand him, listen https://prnt.sc/ljrg15 this is the only difference between " members " and " adv members " is that little star but this is not enough, adv members have that little star members doesn't have, adv members are active in the forum in their own way, personaly i insist a new colour should be made for adv members to make the difference between members and those who are advenced. THANKS

    1. Angelo


      He means attaching rewards or other incentives such as colored names to Advanced Members will cause users to make more spammy posts and engage in reputation abuse. (More posts+more rep = Adv. Member) 

    2. Ereshkigal


      i love dank memes

    3. Maxo
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  8. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's very delicious Why do you come to xat ?
  9. hello keep calm and smile, the question is this : what is the very funny joke that you've ever heard ? ( tell us ) for me the joke is this : a men came very happy to his wife and he told her " dear wife finally i found a job in APPLE the great society " she said " wow and what is you mission there ? " he answered " my mission is cutting apples "
  10. http://prntscr.com/ljrg15 here is the only difference adv members have that little star members does not have it, but this is not enough a new colour should be made to make a difference between both of them
  11. @Booh where is that difference ? there is no difference they have the same colour
  12. you talked about making a new colors i propose that a new color should be made to make a difference between " members " and " adv members " they have the same color
  13. personaly i want a games that develop focus like puzzle, sudokou, tic tac toe ... not a games such as " race " or i don't know i think this kind of games is only for wasting time nothing else
  14. Teacher : what is you date of birth ?

    Student : it's october 10th

    Teacher: which year ?

    Student : it's every year  


  15. i want games that help to develop the users intelligence and focus like " tic tac toe " " sudokou " " puzzle " ...
  16. there is a risk of losing xats and if somebody loses his xats there will be no way to bring them for him or what ? oh my god this is complicated
  17. Maxo


    yes @myow now they think for making more pawns
  18. Maxo


    i like that matrix pawn
  19. the first thing that i'm going to do is changing the staff, the staff should be very active they should working hard not coming for 1 hour for exemple saying 1 word and going, I will use a scientific method in the management of xat
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