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  1. I am a technical director of MARTIAL ARTS
  2. @Adexus follow the game's rules
  3. i have banned somebody for 1800 hours reason : doing something elreydelreino (1509522881) MAXO's INFO
  4. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because It is a place to spend enjoyable times and gives a high moral spirit Why is there a phenomenon of a Refusal to marry ?
  5. good design @Alee nice
  6. of course i like cakes mmmm delicious
  7. thanks @Admin this is intersting
  8. when we say for exemple here you said " xat history " it means normally when xat started ? who made ? how it appeared ? ... you talk about " owners were yellow not orange ... " that is an important informations but it has nothing to do with history, what you said is " evolution "
  9. Maxo

    happy birthday john cena (toj)

    1. J0hn


      Thank you so much!!!

    2. Maxo


      welcome bro enjoy your day (victory)

  10. happy birthday mencee

  11. my reel name =  a word used in the portuguese language  (hello)

  12. sometimes people are being wrong but when they knows rules all things being clear, imagine something without rules, it will be a chaos 

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