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  1. Maxo

    Automatic logaut.

    @Adnan you star is blocked you can not make a transfer or trading, creat a ticket, or wait for 5 days you account will be active, also if you have the power " mint " unchek it from your powers because this power can prevent transfers
  2. Maxo


    mmmm i don't think so
  3. Maxo


    black pawn is for one person who created it for himself i forgot his name, there is no black pawn for other group of staff or somebody else
  4. i agree with you in one point you talked about volunteers really they help, they advise they does a great job here in the forum by the way i like to say them THANK YOU @Angelo @Sydno @Cupim @Crow @Brandon @Echo @Mihay... without forgetting of course the moderator of the forum @lafleur
  5. Maxo

    happy birthday @Tigi

    1. Tigi


      Thank you my friend :d

    2. Maxo


      welcome  enjoy your day 

  6. It is a factor of surprise something that is not usually for you, of course you will feel some fear
  7. Maxo


    this is a complicated topic
  8. Maxo


    i have the same question as @SethTI what do you mean by " best game " ? and which kind of games is this ? i agree with you @ider
  9. hello @Admin I suggest you include games that help to develop the users intelligence like " tic tac toe " " sudokou " " puzzle " ...
  10. I am a technical director of MARTIAL ARTS
  11. @Adexus follow the game's rules
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