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  1. Maxo


    these pawns seem nice i like them good job but we're waiting for smilies
  2. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's an occasion when people enjoy time and celebrate Why a lot of people here in the forum ask a questions about PIZZA ?
  3. Maxo

    happy birthday mihay

  4. Maxo

    happy birthday matt

  5. happy birthday brandy

  6. let maxo sings : la la la la there are an official CHATS there is a power called HATS, they say i'm STRANGE there is a smile called CRINGE i know xat CAMBIO muy bonito no es FEO a power called FOOLS in xat there are a lot of TOOLS maxo is a PHENOMENAL i like the power CARNIVAL @Angelo @cupim and @CROW the level is not LOW mi @solange es BONITA amable y SIMPATICA my SONG is LONG keep calm and be optimist and STRONG

    1. Maxo


      i'm a great singer 8-)

    2. Bryan


      who hurt you 

    3. Maxo


      you @Addict you're not a gentleman with me :( (toj)

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  7. anime because it has this " " haha / carnival it has the smile (yeayea) and gold of course
  8. what's your favorite official chat room ?
  9. Maxo

    Getting started Mk2

    can you explain this @ider
  10. xat _ test is an important chat room but UNOFFICIAL. why ? :o(hmm)

    1. Marya


      Yes i know it is , but i mean about blue ball

    2. Maxo


      @oj of course trade is an official chat room

    3. oj


      @Marya blue 8ball means debug chat, trade is still official

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  11. sometimes i talk logically but people think i'm a strange because they does not understand what MAXO says
  12. haha this is awesome @Alee
  13. " let maxo apply as a volunteer. maxo will be a good volunteer.     don't be like maxo, please. " you think i'm joking ? (smirk)

  14. happy birthday @disease 

    1. disease


      Thank you so much ! 

    2. Maxo
  15. i see in this sub forum of general discussion a lot of posts about " be a volunteer " " be a contributor " " help xat " ... let MAXO answers this : firstly it's a pleasure for me to become a contributor or a volunteer or mod ... MAXO want an opportunity to show his skills he can add more things to xat.com or a forum in general MAXO has an international diploma in buisness management the problem is maybe you don't trust MAXO but believe this HOW KNOWS WHAT HE SAYS
  16. forum more than xat.com because in the forum i know much important informations, news ... xat.com always the same things repeated
  17. very good @Alee i like the design but add some martial arts too i'm a Professional in martial arts i want to see them in your design
  18. Let MAXO tell you something those who are already a team of staff are working in xat since a very longtime for you if you want to be a contributor / volunteer / mod ... any rank any level this not impossible it needs a time and work. i want to be mod and a contributor
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