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  1. Maxo

    debug chats

    hi all merry christmas from MAXO to all xaters and forum users in general, i like to post this topic in order to clarify something, there are an official chats these are known, but there are also a DEBUG chats. My questions here : what exactly the word " debug chat " means ? and what are those chat rooms ?
  2. merry christmas @Bau and all xaters elreydelreino (1509522881)
  3. Maxo


    yes @Junior and it can be added to xmasbonus
  4. here are some smilies
  5. Maxo


    what do you think about this suggestion ? @Junior @Anti and all users
  6. Maxo


    hello all i like to suggest a power smiley that i like to call " pudding " here are its smilies : pudding, puok, pusinging, pulove, pusmile, puice, pusport, puhappy, pushopping. code hat : hp the last smiley is the " hat " : hp
  7. i have banned @Fons and @Santademonia forever reason : merry christmas sweet couple
  8. merry christmas all users of xat.com and the forum
  9. Maxo


    congratulations @BIKY@iWitness29@UchihaFelipe
  10. congratulations all the winners @Mighty1@Booh@Blacky@zzzandyyy@Jean
  11. gm all i'm going to travel today, i'll be back tomorrow see you  (hug) 

    1. Marya


      God with you . Have good travel

    2. oj


      bye maxo :(

    3. Mystic
  12. haha loja is an international official chat room men which means even spanish is allowed
  13. some users use it in a smiley combination to make a fancy next to their names
  14. i'm maxo my world is a kingdom i respect people i'm rich and handsome i'm a gentleman always happy and active handsome hardworking and not talkative i respect people and i like trade chat there is one from powers called hat i'm maxo i became very famous i have a great career i'm not a jealous maxo has a lot of talents he loves his gf and his parents maxo likes intellectual people and reading with maxo you will feel an amazing feeling
  15. i agree with you dear @Marya anyway this kactus is not bad it has a cute smilies
  16. trying main bouton colours : FFFFFF/0000FF with a fancy
  17. it hurts you when you discover sometimes you do something without a good results

  18. Maxo

    happy birthday @cynic and welcome to the forum xat 

  19. buying xat.com and managing in my way
  20. good job @Dallas continue
  21. to be honest xat trade is great it has a lot of activities ( contests, events, celebrations ... ) this is good thank you @Addict and dear @Marya
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