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  1. Maxo

    Permanent hat

    I like this pawn too, like SAPPHIRE said it may be a default hat pawn, or it can be given a privacy or a special advantage like CYAN ( it's the official celebrity pawn for xat )
  2. Good luck to all participants and greeting to our friends in xat HELP, come on i can't wait to see some nice backgrounds here
  3. A big hug for all of you too
  4. Hello !! Today has come an occasion dear to our hearts, namely International Women's Day, which we celebrate on the eighth of March of every year, on this occasion, allow me to offer the highest expressions of appreciation, respect and love, and to congratulate all the cute and sweet womans who are here in the world of xat, our friends of course and without doubts. Beginning with my friends and staff members, my female teammates in xat TRADE: @Kaay@IDC@Adee@Amnaa@mary17@Christina@Lemona @Maye and xat FEEDBACK: @DjCrazy@egirl. Female wiki TRANSLATORS / CONTRIBUTORS : @Abbie@DonQuijote@Jasmine@Luana@Masha@Page@Sevda@xRavennn, and of course our sweetest volunteer the cool woman @Solange. A special greeting to all female members adv members especially @DUYGU@CH3RRY@Elif@Camii@Dimple@Nathy ... I apologize for not remembering the names of all the female friends who are with us, but make sure that i respect all of you and i appreciate all of you, i wish you all the best of luck and happiness every year. Happy woman's day and in a fact you deserve more than one day believe me Regards MAXO
  5. i can see you :p 

    1. xRavennn


      Busy...But I Can See You! 

    2. Maxo
    3. xRavennn
  6. Hello !! by the way i think the flag of LYBIA (flag#wly) https://prnt.sc/10ewpze needs to be updated if it's possible, here is the new one : https://prnt.sc/10ewqv6. Thanks
  7. This is a good idea, especially i like animals, we already have some of them we can do it for exp through SUPERANIME collection power, but we can have more animal pawns as you mentioned why not.
  8. Do you remember this idea ?

     i hope i'll see it in the future 

  9. Thank you @Crow for all nice moments on february, we enjoyed time with you. Grats @xRavennn let's see how would you manage the chat on this month, and what's your planning
  10. Hello !! Thank you for providing both of these two suggestions, especially the 1st one i like it and i hope that will be taken into consideration, unassigning all group powers at the same time instead of one by one is a good idea and i support it, an option may to be added.
  11. Hello !! This is nice, we've not seen a fx power for a longtime, thank you @Mihay for this good idea, but the article https://xat.wiki/Lavafx isn't available yet, it doesn't exist https://prnt.sc/107punt
  12. You are an invaluable person to my life who fills my soul with remarkable joy. Thank you for making my life more beautiful than the sun. Happy birthday, my love! (blowkiss)(blowkiss) 


    1. theFlower


      ty my love i love u my baby(blowkiss) i wish you be with me every year every day every moment

    2. Maxo


      With a great pleausre bb you deserve more and more (blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss) 

  13. I'm not the best, i'm just trying to do my best

    1. Mihai


      Many of us do everything that is best and is not taken into account.


      Congratulations  @Maxo  bro (hug)

  14. Hello !! first welcome back to xat Follow what @Stif told you, when you finish and you click to " open ticket " if you receive a message of a paid user : " you must have made ... " you can simply change the topic to " A General question or concern " then the ticket will be opened. You'll receive an answer in your email, just be patient it can takes time.
  15. This power MON was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chats. When a sticker is sent in the chat, it will be placed to the left of your name, replacing your avatar. The main sticker smiley : MON Sending a sticker : To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes : (mon.tongues), (mon.yes), (mon.thankyou), ((mon.cold), (mon.enjoy), (mon.crazy) Costum text and text color : To add custom text to your sticker, add a ‘#’ after the sticker code followed by your desired text. You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker by adding a ‘#’ at the end of your code, followed by the color or hex code. Note: The sticker code must be added at the beginning and the color or hex codes must be last. Examples: (mon.yes#xat), (mon.cold#it's cold#ff0000) Sticker with message : This sticker can also be sent with a message, exemple : (mon.enjoy#Hi xat i hope everything is fine with you#0000ff) Thank you !
  16. Maxo

    CAR power

    Hello !! Firstly i think you're a new forum user, welcome and i hope you enjoy time with, it's good to suggest and bring a new ideas but an idea should be developed, here is a post that can help you to know " how to suggest : Secondly we already have a CAR power it's " kcar " you can see it here https://xat.wiki/Kcar i don't think we need another similar car power. Thank you and welcome to forum.
  17. You know we already have some pets powers like this idea ( puppy, kdog ... ) but your suggestion looks nice too, i like it and i support it
  18. I never believed in luck until I found you.

    I met you. I liked you. I love you. I’m keeping you.


    Valentines Day Love GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. theFlower


      happy valentine's day  (blowkiss)i love u. im lucky too that i have you

    2. Maxo
  19. This different power has a big difference, it's really different of other powers.
  20. Maxo

    Happy birthday stif with full happiness and success 

    1. Stif


      Thank you!

  21. Happy birthday Aiuto the italian official chat, by the way greeting to italian xat users and people in general, i like this country, i hope you enjoy time the day of the event, i hope i'll be there too but before that i need to know what time in my country corresponds to the time you suggested lol, good luck for all participants. Thank you
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