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  1. Maxo

    524 WIGS

    this looks a bit like stylist power good design @Junior nice
  2. when i got my international diploma in buisness management
  3. that's currently good but i think appbot will be needed later
  4. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because i didn't finished my cup of tea yet Why are you feeling hungry ?
  5. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  6. good job @DonQuijote these avatars are very nice
  7. xat cambio should have a new changes too : co main ownership with @Solange + 3rd owner 

    1. Maxo


      i said co main owner to help you because you're sometimes busy in another things 

    2. Fons


      "No estar de acuerdo"


      El primer paso para el amor :$

    3. Maxo


      @Fons haha si es verdad (victory)

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  8. i saw this in a scroll yesterday in xattrade and to be honest i was happy to see it sometimes we need a to make a new changes, as i said you @Addict sydno and echo are a good team congratulations
  9. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because There is a harmony between players and technical stability and MESSI Why do you hurry up when the weather is raining ?
  10. Maxo

    happy birthday mino

  11. Maxo

    happy birthday magic

  12. http://prntscr.com/lnt6y7 where is the list of users who won from xat cambio ?

    1. Solange


      Our list of winners should be posted soon. Be patient.

    2. Angelo
    3. Maxo
  13. Maxo

    Getting started Mk2

    thank you @Admin this is great
  14. we need the remote control too for that the bot can works
  15. i'm always honest listen how about this ? coaches give chances to their athletes through letting them participating in a competitions those athletes appear at a good levels, those chances ecourage them. here in xat people who are active should have chances to be more and more at a good levels, personaly i'm an active person i like working as i said before i don't ask for something MAXO is bigger than all of that, but i see i help and i work here in some officiel xats without any good result for me,  MAXO  doesn't accept this and he doesn't do efforts for free. MAXO has a lot of ideas a lot of informations he is an expert in buisness management ( my field ) but when i see some behaviors from some people (owners, main) i stop  

    1. Geordie


      Most people do get sick or bored in being active on chats. I only been staff in two official chats Social & Chat and im still mod at chat but I see where you coming from Maxo 

    2. Maxo
    3. Anas
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  16. lol @Cupim you deserve all this bro
  17. hi everybody when we talked about the problem of xat trade that our freind @Marya posted before, people talked about changes, solutions, staff ... what's important for me is a word reapeted twice and more this is " listning to the users in order to know what they need " so let me ask you this question dear users : what do you want / need ? ( about xat in general not only xat trade )
  18. this is an important thing to have a xat facebook page @LaFleur i think we should have a posts that can encourage people to participate (contests, subjects to discuss ... ) sometimes we see a few interactions with which is published
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