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  1. in general i think every officiel xat room should have 2 main owners at least one of them should be present in the chat when the other is busy for exemple In order to maintain the stability of the chat and avoid problems, owners does a good job but i think their presence in the chat room is not enough
  2. prize received thank you so much @Marya
  3. @Addict you still the best owner there even if you quit i agree with you i support the idea of making changes too @FREO
  4. with all respect VALE is always absent she doesn't come to trade personaly everyday i see bryan dope and mods
  5. listen guys this problem of trade chat is our problem we should work together to solve this because trade chat is the most important chat room in xat it's the main one we should find solutions but before that we want to know details what happened exactly
  6. and what changes do you ask for ?
  7. prize received @LaFleur thank you so much
  8. in that sub forum of " suggestions " there are a suggestions of powers and other suggestions like " auction " " active & creative " which talk about contributors ... i think that sub forum of suggestions should be divided into two parts : 1) " suggestion of powers " 2)  " other suggestions " 

    1. Angelo


      But they're both suggestions (sry) 

    2. Maxo


      yes i know Just to differentiate between powers and other things 

  9. happy birthday skayer

  10. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  11. Maxo

    523 SWORDFX

    nice i like this kind of powers which express SPORT / WAR i'm a profesionnal in martial arts and as you know every martial art has a history in its main land ( japon, south of korea ... ) thank you @Junior and @stif
  12. when i play sport but sport is not a small thing, it's a great thing like the great MAXO
  13. don't laught at my picture in " banner contest for game " don't hurt my feelings :((toj)(toj) 

  14. Maxo

    ID Auction

    i don't think that it's possible to make an auction because @Admin has already supported and sponsored this event http://prntscr.com/llttbt
  15. I'm sad because I have not finished my tea yet :(:toj:

    1. Gui


      want a cookie

    2. Maxo


      @Thuk i want a piece of  cake (goo)

  16. good idea @Paul xat should have a stickers feature to allow users to make their own stickers as you said, this can be a group power like " gline "
  17. GM all (hug)

    1. Maxo


      hi @Mystic handsome how you doing bro ? (hug)

    2. Mystic


      I am good and you?

    3. Maxo


      me too thank you  

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  18. who is your favorite WWE superstar ( men and women ) ? for me i like the rock and randa rousey
  19. Maxo

    happy birthday amy

  20. @Laming lol it hurts your eyes
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