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  1. i agree with you dear @Marya anyway this kactus is not bad it has a cute smilies
  2. trying main bouton colours : FFFFFF/0000FF with a fancy
  3. it hurts you when you discover sometimes you do something without a good results

  4. Maxo

    happy birthday @cynic and welcome to the forum xat 

  5. buying xat.com and managing in my way
  6. good job @Dallas continue
  7. to be honest xat trade is great it has a lot of activities ( contests, events, celebrations ... ) this is good thank you @Addict and dear @Marya
  8. Maxo


    elreydelreino (1509522881)
  9. Maxo

    happy birthday @Odin

  10. by seeing the list of all official chats i noticed there is an official chat that its main language is " thai " ( thailand ) this is good to see a chat rooms of asia especially THAILAND is a beautifull country rich in marine ressources and its beautifull landscapes. i like 

  11. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because i don't know what's happening in england Why you come to the forum xat ?
  12. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  13. to have an EXPERIENCE you should work, and to work you should have an EXPERIENCE  so ... ??  (hmm) 

  14. it looks very nice i like it good job @Junior@Anti. welcome SNOWFLAKE
  15. mmm i would tell them to be optimist and have a positive look at life
  16. we have 3 kinds of people : OPEN & BIG minded talking about ideas, MIDDLE MINDED talking about things, SMALL MINDED talking about people 

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