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  1. i see in this sub forum of general discussion a lot of posts about " be a volunteer " " be a contributor " " help xat " ... let MAXO answers this : firstly it's a pleasure for me to become a contributor or a volunteer or mod ... MAXO want an opportunity to show his skills he can add more things to xat.com or a forum in general MAXO has an international diploma in buisness management the problem is maybe you don't trust MAXO but believe this HOW KNOWS WHAT HE SAYS
  2. forum more than xat.com because in the forum i know much important informations, news ... xat.com always the same things repeated
  3. very good @Alee i like the design but add some martial arts too i'm a Professional in martial arts i want to see them in your design
  4. Let MAXO tell you something those who are already a team of staff are working in xat since a very longtime for you if you want to be a contributor / volunteer / mod ... any rank any level this not impossible it needs a time and work. i want to be mod and a contributor
  5. happy birthday Boby

  6. of course it takes a time to design a smilies
  7. smileys are so cute they they contribute to enriching chatting in the room, they complete what people say, they express what people feel which means that their role is great and important
  8. congratulations @HelperNate i'll come their just when i come bring me an orange jus and a piece of cake be generous with guests
  9. @LaFleur memes are a smilies like this http://prntscr.com/lpikjv , @xLaming i think it's not possible to include memes in xat i think also this maybe can be suggested as a power " memes "
  10. Maxo


    i don't think so @6 i've suggested spongebob before but that's suggestion was not supported by anybody, i think it's not impossible to make a smilies of spongebob too
  11. Maxo


    i like the design but as @xLaming said it can not be a xat power this is a cartoons film
  12. i confident in myself a big and terrible confidence 

  13. a main owner of an officiel xat lol / a volunteer or some rank in xat in general because i don't like to be just a member or a guest i want and i like to work i'm always active / minister of sport
  14. the prices are not always low, they vary according to the value of xats
  15. happy birthday majora

  16. mmm i don't remember i think it was MILOZOVITCH
  17. hello dear @Cupim how you doing ? (hug)

  18. welcome to the forum xat @Ade

  19. Maxo


    good design @Loba922 i think you need to add another smilies to your suggestion. good luck
  20. haha good luck with your wife i see that's a good design but as @6 said show us more exemples of your work
  21. Maxo

    524 WIGS

    this looks a bit like stylist power good design @Junior nice
  22. when i got my international diploma in buisness management
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