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  1. we have 3 kinds of people : OPEN & BIG minded talking about ideas, MIDDLE MINDED talking about things, SMALL MINDED talking about people 

  2. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  3. i think the forum and xat need some stickers and gifs to add them with those simple smilies, like what we have in whatssap and messenger ( i'm not talking about a power ) 

    1. Marya


      Yh we have only 43 smilies 

    2. Maxo


      yep we need more including stickers and gifs to animate the forum and xat 

  4. Maxo


    here are 3 good smilies for this new power thank you @Anti and @junior you always do a good job, but i see the price still unknown personaly i don't like when the price is unkown because i don't like people who sell more expensive than the normal this power deserves 5500 - 6300 here i see some users sell it 11300 or 11500 12k ... NO
  5. Maxo


    these pawns seem nice i like them good job but we're waiting for smilies
  6. Maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's an occasion when people enjoy time and celebrate Why a lot of people here in the forum ask a questions about PIZZA ?
  7. Maxo

    happy birthday mihay

  8. Maxo

    happy birthday matt

  9. happy birthday brandy

  10. let maxo sings : la la la la there are an official CHATS there is a power called HATS, they say i'm STRANGE there is a smile called CRINGE i know xat CAMBIO muy bonito no es FEO a power called FOOLS in xat there are a lot of TOOLS maxo is a PHENOMENAL i like the power CARNIVAL @Angelo @cupim and @CROW the level is not LOW mi @solange es BONITA amable y SIMPATICA my SONG is LONG keep calm and be optimist and STRONG

    1. Maxo


      i'm a great singer 8-)

    2. Bryan


      who hurt you 

    3. Maxo


      you @Addict you're not a gentleman with me :( (toj)

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  11. anime because it has this " " haha / carnival it has the smile (yeayea) and gold of course
  12. what's your favorite official chat room ?
  13. Maxo

    Getting started Mk2

    can you explain this @ider
  14. xat _ test is an important chat room but UNOFFICIAL. why ? :o(hmm)

    1. Marya


      Yes i know it is , but i mean about blue ball

    2. Maxo


      @oj of course trade is an official chat room

    3. oj


      @Marya blue 8ball means debug chat, trade is still official

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  15. sometimes i talk logically but people think i'm a strange because they does not understand what MAXO says
  16. haha this is awesome @Alee
  17. Maxo

    " let maxo apply as a volunteer. maxo will be a good volunteer.     don't be like maxo, please. " you think i'm joking ? (smirk)

  18. happy birthday @disease 

    1. disease


      Thank you so much ! 

    2. Maxo
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