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  1. @Phin you're not alone as @Marya said you're awesome @Marya @Kaay
  2. name the 3 best freinds in xat.com that you don't want to lose on 2019 for me i respect all and i want all freinds especially @Marya @Cupim @Kaay
  3. no interactions no participations because no topics :( post topics, contests ... let people participate, discuss and animate the forum come  on 

  4. Best : discovering xat, meeting people from a different countries with a different cultures, freinds ... worst: when i knew @Angelo and @Addict i don't know why they hate me
  5. merry christmas donquijote (hug) 

    1. DonQuijote


      Thanks @maxo , merry christmas to you.(hug)

    2. Maxo


      thank you dear (hug)(hug)

  6. happy new year but let maxo tells you this : you should receive the new year with ideas, a planning, projects, making new changes ... looking forward to ameliorate xat and the forum ... do you understand maxo ? not only happy new year and stop. what are you preparing or planning for the new year ?
  7. Maxo

    how are u today ? (hug) 

  8. Maxo

    happy birthday ryan

  9. happy birthday (hug) with all best wishes 

    1. HelperNate


      Thank you Maxo!

    2. Maxo


      enjoy your day 

  10. @HelperNate don't worry i'll ban you forever and @Blossoms how many bans have you had ?
  11. buy a yakht for @Cupim buy a house for @Fons and @Santademonia buy a car for @Marya buy another house for @Christina and her husband buy a car for @Solange buy a suit for @Anas buy a truck for @Addict buy a gold pen for @Junior buy something for @LaFleur buy a nice dress for @Sevda and @DonQuijote buy shoes for @xLaming buy jewelry for @Page and buy the xat.com company for me
  12. keep calm be happy and walk with MAXO ;)

  13. lol don't ban me @Marya i'm a gentleman
  14. i have banned @HelperNate for 24 hours reason you didn't get banned before let this be the first one
  15. Maxo

    Toxic Graphics

    nice @Toxic i like the desing
  16. hello i like to share this game with all of you, this is simple if you are ( level / rank ) answer this question : if you are guest answer this : where are you from ? if you are member answer this : how old are you ? if you are moderator answer this : what's your hobbies ? if you are owner answer this : what xat means for you ? if you are main owner : since when are you a main owner ? note : i'm talking about level official chats
  17. hahaha funny question i don't remember maybe 2 that was 7 years ago
  18. i have banned @Page for 999 hours reason : merry christmas dear where are you ?
  19. merry christmas solange

    1. Solange


      Merry Christmas to you too!

    2. Maxo
  20. Maxo

    happy birthday @Phin merry christmas 

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