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  1. you know here is the new year 2019 all people are happy for it but you should receive the new year with a new ideas a planning an objectives looking forward ... both about all xat things and the personnel life. so i like to ask you : what is your planning / objectives that you want to achieve in the new year 2019 ??
  2. let maxo telling you that he likes all what you do he saw your intersting topics he appreciates your ideas (victory) and you deserve to be a contributor 

  3. i have banned @Bau forever reason : i didn't win in his contest he does not announce me as a winner
  4. sometimes in this forum i feel myself like i go in a great society posting my CV and waiting if they're going to accept me for a job or not (meh) come on 

  5. Maxo

    happy birthday nick 

  6. 1. favorite power namegrad 2. Favourite chat is xat trade and i'm happy to help there when i returned to xat trade i considered that i returned to home 3. Favourite part meeting freinds around the world 4. Favourite user i like all and i respect although being angry sometimes because of some things, here my favorite users are @Marya of course and @Kaay 5. Favourite forum thread for me it was my topic about " pudding " that i proposed in suggestions 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site is something important that i keep for myself
  7. we're in 2019 men you need 3 points here (toj) :p 

    téléchargement (1).png

  8. happy new year for you too dear @Marya
  9. there a moments when you fail but don't give up look forward and be strong 

  10. happy new year everyone
  11. grats lemona you deserve it (hug) 

  12. @Brandon to be honest i don't know you very well but i want you stay don't leave
  13. can you give an exemple of categories ? how ?
  14. Maxo

    i like your avatar (toj) that girl is crazy 

    1. Pia


      Haha tnx! 

    2. Fons


      Es ella... Cuándo no le abre algún programa de adobe :v 

  15. When you talk to a volunteer and answer you with a response you did not expect then your spirits will drop
  16. something new will BORN for xat.com ;) i hope it will be accepted 

  17. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Fireworksfx the power " fireworksfx " is not updated for 2019 yet
  18. congratulations @LaFleur and @Junior
  19. hogmanay is already updated see xat.wiki/hogmanay
  20. yesterday i saw a topic in general support about " deleting chat " to be honest i didn't like one word in that topic this is " bad language " maybe there was a bad words there languages are not bad please don't call them like that  revise and correct your ideas and your way of thinking 

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