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  1. http://prntscr.com/m3eiv6 from the rules of powers suggestion the power should have 10 smiles ( including the main smiley ) there are an existing smiley powers that have only 1 smiley 2, 3, or only 4 ... remove this condition or add smilies to those powers, by the way you asked users to propose another smilies to add for the power MUERTOS people proposed but we didn't see them yet 

    1. mary17


      I'm agree with you @Witness ofc in the old ones.. and btw

      maxo that isn't an inflexible rule or something strict to do!

    2. Maxo


      you know what am talking about what's important for me is that condition of " usually 10 smilies " but some smiley powers does not have 10 smilies 

    3. Witness


      @maxo If you read again your screenshot, you will realise that it says "usually ten smilies". It does not say "It must have 10 smilies". 

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  2. so " kboy " would be possible, personally i prefer that the word " super " be only for powers collection
  3. in a fact this superboy is a megaman here i propose to change the name to " megaman " or simply " kboy " and let the word " super " only for powers collection. i agree with @Tigi
  4. this is a good desing @AlexKjwh10 you're talented continue drawing and show us more works, about kclock it seems nice and good too as an idea
  5. happy birthday @L3OZ1N

  6. maxo knows you make a powers and a smilies people know too but here what is amazing (toj) what is amazing is sometimes some users propose to you something incredible that thomas edison or albert enstein can not make it  (toj)

    1. Ereshkigal


      that's why they are dead

  7. you mean offline at the list of freinds ? or what @cfr_tobias ? i think that's not possible
  8. we already have " hairm " and " hairf " @Crow and @Junior so i think it's possible to have a supergirl too because my dear @Solange want to see it hey solange i defend you don't worry
  9. i have banned @Crow for 999 hours reason : you're late this is 2019 men
  10. nice power thx @Junior i think there will be " supergirl " too there was a girl who asked for it
  11. thank you @myow happy friday to you too
  12. Maxo


    hello everyone ! let's play a game here the rule is simple for exemple i give the name of a power the next who's going to reply should give 3 or 4 powers that their price equal the price of the power that i gave than he or she should propose a power too, i think it's easy for exp if i give " noel " you can answer with typing + away + show they equal the same price of noel. note : a little difference of price is not a problem. ok let's start i propose the first power : ANIME
  13. cambio became like a private chat lol users does nothing and take levels (sry) 

  14. i think this smile http://prntscr.com/m2z9bc (flustered) is suitable to express " thanks " its name can be changed to thanks
  15. does " star " smiley represent something ? let maxo propose this how about creating a new smile that can be added to the existing smileys and calling it " thanks " we already have for exp when you see the smiley you know that's represent " ok " i think " thanks " should have a special smiley too
  16. Maxo

    New Group´s

    i agree to add new groups new chats new TRIBUTE or OFFICIAL chats with a new staff not always the same responsables come on encourage other users who have talents who can manage with a good and right way
  17. happy birthday matthew

  18. Maxo


    here i agree this has as relationship with the power away, being away ( the power ) + the message ( the reason ) is a good thing
  19. Maxo

    congratulations on your new id marya (hug) 

    1. Marya


      Ty so much (hug)

  20. Maxo


    this seems a good idea to add that option but it seems complicated too
  21. to be honest i become a jealous when i see somebody for exp owner in trade has a rank in loja a lovel in xat5 another level in xat chat one person has all this in 4 or 5 official chats and contributor or vol in the forum :(:( 

    1. Anas


      The best reaction after seeing all this is to try be same or better.

      Keep the hard work till you get what you look for. 

    2. Maxo


      yes @Anas bro you're right 

      @Bau :p keep smiling you did not see anything yet  

    3. Bau
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  22. Maxo

    Announce Transfer

    that's not a convincing answer for me i'm sorry
  23. prize received thank you so much @Anas and happy new year
  24. Maxo

    Announce Transfer

    how can that power or that free option works ? i don't know but i think that automatic message regname id transfered ... is the simplest idea for transfers i don't think we may have another solution or power or option for that
  25. happy new year all of you i'm sorry if i did something wrong to each or anyone i'm sorry volunteers contributors if i exaggerate about something believe me all what i do is for being from good to better to best i'm not happy for being guest or member i want to contribute to develope xat.com and i can of course you don't know me very well to say you can't or you're not ready i can do everything i want to do 

    1. Christina


      happy New years

    2. Witness


      Happy New Year!

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