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  1. Maxo's BAck 

    1. DUYGU


      Maxo nice to see you in the forum again (hug) 

    2. DUYGU
    3. Maxo


      Miss you too (hug) 

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  2. Welcome @Mucahit ty too
  3. Ty too @Goldust welcome bro
  4. If you are not receiving criticism, know that you are a failed person

    1. BeaterUser


      What does it mean to even be or to become a sucessfull person? Certainly it isn't just to be critized.

    2. Camii


      doo dooo !

    3. Maxo


      @BeaterUser Criticism makes you a successful person because it originally does not criticize you except the one who envies you for your success 

      @Camii babyshark GIF by Super Simple

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  5. Who wants to earn some money by working at home with an easy way ? details in private 

    1. xLaming


      Seems better than Facebook jobs

    2. Maxo


      This has nothing to do with facebook 

    3. xLaming


      Jk m8

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  6. Maxo

    Transfer box update

    Yellow ? i don't like it, yellow is not clear and it hurts eyes, the message would be better in BLUE, it's a nice colour + it's a colour of xat LOGO.
  7. i asked for opinions, i don't understand why people don't answer a question, i don't need views, to improve something and to look forward we should share a positive ideas, 

    1. Maxo


      When a volunteer or a contributor post something users react and reply, but for someone else nobody reply or do something, to be honest i don't understand why this difference. 


      Sorry if this seems a drama, this is my opinion

    2. Angelo


      Sorry Maxo :o I hadn't seen it yet! I responded with my opinion 8-) 

    3. Maxo


      Thank you (victory) 

  8. Happy birthday sweety, with full happiness and success (blowkiss) enjoy

    1. Solange


      Thank you so much Maxo! 🤗🤗

  9. Maxo

    Cami the cutest doo doo doo MAXO's the best doo doo doo We are friends doo doo doo a power called hands doo doo doo Where is angelo doo doo doo the sun is yellow doo doo doo ANGELO's birthday doo doo doo was in two days doo doo doo this is crazy lisa simpson dancing GIF

    1. Camii


      im fine too, I am studying, tomorrow I have an exam.

    2. Maxo


      Ah, Good luck cutie 

    3. Camii


      ty maxo doo dooo! (victory)

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  10. Maxo


    What do you think about this ?
  11. My favorite mind game is 4 in a row, i like it
  12. I appreciate the 3rd BG with the italian flag very nice, i like it ( just an opinion ). Congratulation all winners especially @DonQuijote and @Fons.
  13. Maxo

    589 FACE

    A good and smart idea especially that with normal yellow smiles we cannot do any combination we want, but I see that this power gives the possibility to do many combinations. I agree with you @Paul hands, hands2, silly powers why not.
  14. Maxo


    you don't have to rebuy the short name. But yes, you can change the capitalization of your username through the login page by scrolling down to "More". Note that you may have to wait 14 days before you can change the capitalization if you recently purchased the short name.
  15. Happy birthday @Angelo

  16. Maxo

    Happy birthday dear @Addict with full happiness and success 

    1. Bryan


      Thank you bro!

    2. Maxo


      Welcome, enjoy 

  17. Maxo


    Hello !! I already posted this idea in a simple status, idk if it has been suggested before, i want to thank @DJFUNNY who supported it, here i want to share it with you : The idea is why not to add DOODLE in a status, to make some drawing statuses, i'm sure a lot of users are going to enjoy this, Also why not to add it in a conversation in order to allow us to send some drawing messages, I think it would be fun to exchange messages in the form of drawing, even for fun among friends. @LaFleur@xLaming Thank you !!
  18. Maxo

    You look awesome in this photo (goo) 

    1. Sevda


      Ops, thank you Maxo 🙈

    2. Maxo
  19. I'm skilled in my field, which is martial arts, i'm a technical director, I can make moves that no one else can do ( On some occasions outside my lessons for my students ), Other than that, I am skilled at playing some musical instruments, Acting ... here in xat mmm well i'm skilled in respecting rules and doing what i want.
  20. @DJFUNNY be carefull and take more precautions please.
  21. As for me, I am not working now because my work is stalled due to the Corona virus, but I try to keep myself as active as possible by doing sporty movements at home. Browse some useful pages on the computer, playing some games, and meeting friends in chatting without forgetting the forum, of course.
  22. You are busy, but have you seen me anywhere ? (hmm) you can't see me :p 

  23. Welcome @Eylem thank you too
  24. Maxo

    [POWER] Bigzoom

    This seems a good idea but i'm not ensure to see this power in the future, especially now we can enlarge pictures without having the existing zoom power.
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