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  1. Maxo

    Buying from store

    i've windows xp i can't install mozilla or opera ... anyway thank you
  2. Maxo

    Buying from store

    I connect from google chrom
  3. Hi all i still have this problem : http://prntscr.com/q65vnp when i chose a category or a kind of powers that i want to buy from store it doesn't show me the list of powers, for exp i've chosen " all " no list of powers
  4. i like this collection, i think CHRISTMIX power, KXMAS power, CHRISTMAS power should be added on the list too, nice job thank you
  5. Maxo


    Hi @Mehdi i think i'm the only arabic translator here in the forum, if you want to join the team apply here https://forum.xat.com/xat-applications/wiki-translator-applications/?do=form then wait for the answer, if you need a help about that pc me. Good luck
  6. people talk about the blackfriday, excepting MAXO who has a REDFRIDAY 8-) it's something special 

  7. Maxo


    nice, thank you @Mihay
  8. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  9. i've the same idea @xLaming it should be given to the important subjects and topics, a great ideas (not for powers suggestions giveaways, profil photos ... )
  10. i saw that trophy today, it's a good idea to add it its name is " award " i think it should be given to the important subjects and topics, a great ideas ( i don't mean powers suggestions and giveaways ... no ) i mean ideas that can ameliorate xat, apps, HTML ... award should not be given for something easy or a simple thing.
  11. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  12. Maxo

    SUPERFX power

    it's good for me to find that @Solange who proposed this before, for the first time we share the same idea SUPERFX hahaha
  13. Maxo

    SUPERFX power

    Ty dear @Solange
  14. Maxo

    SUPERFX power

    Hi all !! I don't know if this had been suggested before or not, i'm bringing this idea and designers can make its design, i thought for a COLLECTION power by the name of SUPERFX power, including all FX powers, i mean : Glitterfx, Spiralfx, Phasefx, Spacefx, Slimefx, Easterfx, Energygx, Valentinefx, Swordfx, Portalfx, Patrickfx, Illusionfx, Firefx, Splashfx, Lovefx, Fireworksfx, Sparklefx ... For the hat's codes it could be : hg, hs, hp, hS, hss, he, hE, hv, hsw, hp, hP, hi, hf ... What do you think ? @Mihay and others
  15. i want to thank all people who wished me a happy birthday here in the forum, in xat trade ... thank you so much (hug) 

  16. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  17. We have the main chat TRADE, people come to it from everywhere : arabs, europe, latin ... if you create that chat It will not have a big turnout
  18. Maxo

    Happy birthday @Arih (hug) 

  19. Maxo

    Happy birthday dear @Kaay(hug) 

    1. Kaay


      Thank you! 😊

  20. Hair style powers = SUPERHAIR soon 

  21. Maxo

    563 WORKOUT

    Wow, nice power i like it especially coz i like sport, Thank you Yep it should be added to SUPERHOBBIES
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