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  1. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  2. this is good, a nice power with a nice pawn, but please add some other smilies to the power
  3. HBD dear lemona (hug) 

    1. lemona


      Thanks Maxo!! (hug)

  4. to be honest i think it's complicated to make a football t-shirt smiley power, i don't know how that can be done, but let's wait and see maybe designers are going to find an idea about that, and personally i want to see a SPORT power by the way.
  5. i'm proposing to make this power like what we have on facebook : http://prntscr.com/nctcct look the screen, and for pawns i like what @Stif proposed : a pawn + flag
  6. Maxo


    i like this idea of a blacklist, this should be added since a long time next to the list of freinds as you said @Bunnie. Ty
  7. xat will never die, there is a good management of admins + the contributon of volunteers to progress and ameliorate it more and more
  8. what's the thing that makes xat special than other websites ? 

    1. Thuk


      What do you mean “special” ?

    2. Maxo


      i mean featured

  9. Maxo

    542 KBACKS

    nice power and cute smilies, i like it, i know you do your best to give us a different ideas, i know that's not easy to CREATE or to make a design, i wish you a good luck DESIGNERS and thank you.
  10. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  11. this can be a duplicated idea from music power and broadcaster, not bad
  12. Maxo

    540 MIME

    this is what i call a different idea, a cute artistic power, i like it. thank you
  13. i'm proud to be one of xat family, i respect all contributors i want to thank them for all what they did for xat and the forum, i appreciate all what mr @Admin does and decides but for me i think that you as a manager of xat or the forum when you decide to change or remove something you should bring another new thing for it to be renewed, i hope you made a good decision of removing the contributors group i hope this is a good strategy for you, I'LL WAIT FOR WHAT'S GOING TO BE AFTER
  14. Maxo

    happy birthday @Cryo

    1. Bau


      Happy birthday Cryo (hug) 

  15. Maxo


    Hello everyone !! this day of APRIL 1st, 2019 and by the occasion of the international day of womans that we already celebrated the previous month of MARCH, i've decided to chose a woman to be HONORED this day, so my HONORING WOMAN / GIRL for this month is always honest, she is so active and helpful, she is a nice and tender person, personally i like and i respect her, i'm proud of her freindship. Ladies and Gentlemans, forum users : The HONORED person for this month of APRIL is my freind and sister : @Marya
  16. this seems a good helpful and interesting idea it's going to facilitate calculating prices for people who buy powers from store, although as you know there are no lot of users buying from store.
  17. Maxo

    Luxurious Power

    this is the style that you like to make on your profil photo @Solange, i know you're rich mmm
  18. Maxo


    April 1st, 2019 a 3rd person will be selected to be HONORED, of course this month of march we celebrated the international day of woman's, so i've decided to chose a WOMAN / GIRL for this day of April 1st, 2019.
  19. Maxo

    happy birthday my rose (hug)(blowkiss) enjoy usa love GIF by M2 Studios

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