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  1. Maxo

    562 HAIRB

    What joke is this ? a hair power again ? i think the designer is a barber because of this he likes to make a hair powers
  2. Maxo

    Welcome back bro (hug) 

    1. Anas


      Thanks man! (hug) 

  3. Maxo

    Selfie (POWER)

    Making a selfie power seems not a bad idea, but to be honest i don't appreciate it, we already have moselfie from MOBILEBETA power, we have photos from TRAVEL power ... so we need something different we don't have.
  4. Maxo

    Happy birthday idan

    1. iDan


      Thank you, my friend!

  5. Happy birthday blacky 

    1. Blacky


      Thank you, Maxo!

  6. Maxo


    1. Marya


      my heart i was to Morrocco  

      the best of best vacantion for my life i swear @Maxo

    2. Maxo


      wow really ? (goo) which city ? 

  7. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  8. Maxo

    560 UMBRELLA

    For me this is not the suitable time to make this power, it should be made on WINTER season, anyway it's a nice power i like it, and congratulations @Solange finally you got an umbrella power
  9. Maxo

    Win the power SNOWY

    elreydelreino (1509522881)
  10. Happy birthday dear @mary17 i'm late :$ but i hope you accept my grats 

    1. mary17


      yes Maxo.. and ofc I accept also your presents! (smirk) 8-)

  11. We found those avatars since the first time we entered to xat as @Solange said they are a part of xat's history, but in the other hand i agree with people who say they should be replaced by another avatars, or photos ..., because all things should be renewed we can't keep the same thing everytime.
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