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  1. is it permissible to sell ID room here on the forum ??? (hmm)

    1. LaFleur


      Hi maxo,


      yes you can sell IDs here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/20-id-marketplace/


      Please read the ID Marketplace Section Guidelines before making a new topic:



      ID Marketplace Section Guidelines

      • Always include both the ID you are selling and your current user ID. You can not sell your current user ID.
      • Payments can only consist of xats, subscription days, or powers.
      • Do not sell an ID if you do not wholly own it. Do not sell an ID for a friend.
      • An account you're selling can be registered while you're selling it, but when you hand it over to the purchaser, you must only give them the register link (the account must be deleted at that time).
      • Replying to topics with remarks that simply congratulate the poster for their nice ID are not allowed. These types of replies are not constructive and are not related to the sale of the ID. You should only post in a topic in ID Sales if you are inquiring about the ID in question.
      • Please note that xat does not officially endorse the sale of IDs, but xat does not enforce a ban on the sale of IDs. You must sell completely at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are not scammed. In the event that you are scammed, you may report the scammer to xat for investigation.
      • Topics that are inactive for four or more weeks may be locked or moved. If you would like more time, please contact a moderator or volunteer.


    2. Crow


      Selling chats and shortnames isn't allowed on the forums, if you were wondering. 

    3. Maxo
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