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  1. hi all ! i don't know if you're going to appreciate my idea, but i'm going to tell you anyway, how about adding the list of APPLICATIONS there ? ( in next of leaderboard ) this will allow users to see and to find easily the existing types of applications ( contributors, wiki translators ... ) without looking for their links, then posting one of them ( the application that a user wants ). Thank you
  2. this is a great and interesting idea to classify or categorize the freindlist as you showed, without forgotten the BLACKLIST that @Bunnie proposed it's a category too, and i hope it will be added to the flash chat too. ty
  3.  by the occasion of the EARTH DAY i hope the next power will be SUPEREARTH including the " earth " " earthday " " eco " " plants "  " ktree "  powers, i'd like to see a collection power in every occasion and every international day. what do you think @Mihay ?

  4. i'd like to propose this : every occasion for exemple easter, woman's day ... make a collection power, not a simple one
  5. i think you don't have a programme of making smilies, you should join the team of smiley makers / designers here in the forum, you have a good ideas, and there is no doubt you're talented in drawing
  6. Prize received bro @Bau thank you
  7. happy easter, easterfx, easterlove, easteregg ... lol i mean happy easter all (hug) 

    happy easter sunday GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

    1. Addict


      Hellotation salutation intoxication inflammation punctuation ghetto-nation 

    2. Maxo


      @Addict Salutation hellotation hitation tradation xatation and now easteration (toj)(hug) 

  8. this is good, a nice power with a nice pawn, but please add some other smilies to the power
  9. HBD samuel 

  10. HBD dear lemona (hug) 

    1. lemona


      Thanks Maxo!! (hug)

  11. happy birthday @Maverick

    1. Maverick


      Thank you! 

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