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  1. Maxo

    happy birthday dear @Marya

  2. Maxo


    Hi all !! sorry for being late, here i want to announce the HONORED men selected by the HONORING CLUB, for this month of JUNE : He is talented, active, hardworking, helpful, he is someone that i respect personally, my HONORED men for this month of june is my freind: @HelperNate NATHAN
  3. Maxo

    happy birthday sloom 

    1. SLOom


      Thank you ! 

  4. Maxo

    happy birthday @Mihai (hug) 

    1. Mihai


      Thanks you (hug)

  5. Maxo

    Crocodile power

    hi @NoSense i like your drawing, you always bring a good ideas i hope we will see one of them released as an official power, good luck bro and continue
  6. Maxo

    i love you hearts GIF by Shurly

    1. Page


      Morning baby ;*

    2. Maxo


      gm my princess (blowkiss) te amo

  7. thank you so much ❤  i hope i'll do a good work and i'll contribute in my way for that xat be developped more and more 

  8. Maxo


    hello everyone !! the HONORED person for this month will be announced soon
  9. Maxo

    te amo hearts GIF

    1. Page


      Baby ❤️

    2. Maxo


      mi amore (blowkiss) 

  10. Maxo


    honestly i see no objecitve to make a brown pawn or as you called it " banished " there will be a confusion as @Angelo said, i need more explainations to understand this idea, for exemple what this banished pawn can add for a user ?
  11. Listening to music or playing sport
  12. adding stickers is a good idea, i don't remember maybe i or someone else who proposed to add gif, stickers ... we already have gif, this is time to think about not only one sticker power but also about more and more, this Fido (ID: 548) - public beta looks so cute i like it
  13. happy birthday @DjDanny24

    1. DjDanny24



    2. Maxo



  14. happy birthday bro

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