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  1. HBD samuel 

  2. HBD dear lemona (hug) 

    1. lemona


      Thanks Maxo!! (hug)

  3. to be honest i think it's complicated to make a football t-shirt smiley power, i don't know how that can be done, but let's wait and see maybe designers are going to find an idea about that, and personally i want to see a SPORT power by the way.
  4. i'm proposing to make this power like what we have on facebook : http://prntscr.com/nctcct look the screen, and for pawns i like what @Stif proposed : a pawn + flag
  5. Maxo


    i like this idea of a blacklist, this should be added since a long time next to the list of freinds as you said @Bunnie. Ty
  6. xat will never die, there is a good management of admins + the contributon of volunteers to progress and ameliorate it more and more
  7. what's the thing that makes xat special than other websites ? 

    1. Thuk


      What do you mean “special” ?

    2. Maxo


      i mean featured

  8. Maxo

    542 KBACKS

    nice power and cute smilies, i like it, i know you do your best to give us a different ideas, i know that's not easy to CREATE or to make a design, i wish you a good luck DESIGNERS and thank you.
  9. this can be a duplicated idea from music power and broadcaster, not bad
  10. Maxo

    540 MIME

    this is what i call a different idea, a cute artistic power, i like it. thank you
  11. i'm proud to be one of xat family, i respect all contributors i want to thank them for all what they did for xat and the forum, i appreciate all what mr @Admin does and decides but for me i think that you as a manager of xat or the forum when you decide to change or remove something you should bring another new thing for it to be renewed, i hope you made a good decision of removing the contributors group i hope this is a good strategy for you, I'LL WAIT FOR WHAT'S GOING TO BE AFTER
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