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  1. Bump @HUSE1N how you doing man ? (hi) 

    1. HUSE1N


      Hiii broooo !!! im on trade :p how are you ?

  2. I hope i'll see a new FX power later, maybe for the new year 2021, then SUPERFX too.

    1. NoSense


      Wow....Sandfx Rockfx Thunderfx Postimaginefx (hippo) Trollfx

    2. Maxo
  3. Rip the football king Diego Armando Maradona :( 

    diego maradona GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor


    1. DUYGU


      He was an unforgettable football legend

    2. Maxo
  4. Everyone needs a break to think well to make a flashback before progressing a new steps.

  5. Bump @Crow how you doing man ? i've something to discuss with you, i'll send you a private message soon

  6. Bump @Cupimhello where are you man ? (hi) how are you ? 

  7. I see you left xat or you have quit, maybe you want to care about your real life or you've a new planning. Good luck man have a nice time.

  8. Remember to not share your personal informations with anybody. 

  9. in my real life i don't wait to get what i want, but i see in the virtual world i should wait and wait and wait to get something that has no meaning hhhh  

    1. DUYGU


      hi Maxo  (hug) Nice to see you again here

    2. DUYGU


      I think it is not for everyone because I see that some people in the virtual world get what they want without waiting. I think they are luckier than us.

  10. Nightmare power 3000 - 3300 :o this is crazy 

  11. Something changed me in this xat world, before i was excited about coming here participating doing a lot of things ... now i don't give xat an importance too much

    1. HelperNate


      Me neither. xat is still somewhat appealing to me, but I've lost much of an interest in it as well. I'm not as active on the platform in favor of other interests and responsibilities.

    2. Maxo


      Anyway xat still a vertual world, we should care about our real life first this is the most important

  12. Hello, i'm back you know MAXO is always busy, he cares about earning certificates, the last one of a national TRAINING / COACHING was on thursday, this is cool (victory)  

  13. The weather is hot. I'm thinking of going to Siberia to cool down there :s

  14. Hi boss i hope you're fine, thanks for your efforts 

    1. LaFleur


      hi Maxo (victory)


      all fine here, what about you?

    2. Maxo


      Fine too, Ty boss  (flustered) 

  15. @Camii hello i hope you're fine doo doo doo (twitch) 

    1. Camii


      hello!!! hru?

    2. Maxo


      Fine cutie and you ? (hug) 

    3. Camii


      fine fine, ty for asking!!(hug)

  16. Bump @Crow how you doing man ? (hi)  i didn't see you since i was not here hh 

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    2. Maxo


      don't consume too much to not suffer from obesity i want that my friends to be always in a good health :p 


      i'm doing good too 

    3. Crow


      That’s good to hear.


      Remember not to click any suspicious links on xat, even if they come from respectable people. Check them very carefully, and always keep your shield up!

    4. Maxo


      Sure (victory) thank you so much awesome CROW

  17. I'd like to see xat on SNAPCHAT with a suitable filters for it 

  18. Maxo

    I know i'm late cuz i was busy these days, i'd like to say congratulations for being a contributor this is cool.

    1. Luana


      Ohh you're cute! Thanks for the thought. :$

    2. Maxo


      Well deserved  :$ 

  19. Hello i'm proposing to make a little difference between TRANSLATORS and EDITORS by changing a little bit the colour of some of them for exp : TRANSLATORS light blue, and EDITORS dark blue. @Andre ( not blue sky that's a game makers colour )

  20. Maxo

    Happy birthday @Booh

    1. Justo


      ty bro


  21. Happy birthday @DjCrazy crazy crazy (applause) 

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Maxo maxo (hug)

    2. Maxo


      Enjoy sweety (hug)(hug) 

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