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  1. Hello everyone !! I have the pleasure to make this contest, i've decided to give a new power BABY to 1 lucky user here in the forum, all you have to do is to follow these RULES: -Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. -Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. -1 WINNER will be chosen SATURDAY 20th JULY at10.00 PM (GMT+1) Using the generator http://www.randomresult.com/pick.php . -If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. good luck everyone. - MAXO -
  2. Maxo

    554 BABY

    Thank you @Mihay for making this power, it looks cute, i like it, very well job
  3. Hi all, how you doing ? 

  4. Maxo

    553 NAT

    Maybe she is the GF of somebody here
  5. Maxo

    Pawn Black

    you're talented in drawing @Nichie i like those smilies you proposed, but as the previous comments said the black pawn is available only for the admin this on the one hand, and on the other hand RUBY was the last pawn power created, personally i want to see A NEW PAWN POWER, i hope there will be one
  6. Maxo

    Happy birthday @DUYGU

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Maxo

  7. Maxo


    @Shizuo there will be another planning
  8. Maxo


    Hello everyone, I've the pleasure to introduce the HONORED MEN for this month of JULY, he is talented, serious, hardworking, very modest, helpful, someone that i respect, ladies and gentlemans the HONORED men for this month is : the owner of xat TRADE @Dopest
  9. mmm this idea of making a DRINK smiley power seems not bad, but those are an existing smilies of some powers that we already have for exp : MARRIAGE power, SAMBA power ...
  10. elreydelreino (1509522881)
  11. Happy Birthday @Valstein

  12. Maxo

    552 HEAT

    i like this power, it seems suitable to use it in this actual hot weather, but i don't understand why HEAT has been added to superHOBBIES
  13. Maxo

    Happy Birthday @Echo

    1. Echo


      Thank you!

  14. i've never seen a strange suggestion like this one before, i asked myself if you're really serious by proposing this ? sorry i don't support this idea
  15. Maxo

    Happy birthday @Luig bro 

    1. Luig


      Thanks bro!

  16. xat will be In progress and prosperity, this period can be considered a passing cloud, xat will return to its glory as it was previously
  17. Maxo

    Power Ksigns

    thank you @Bunnie for sharing this idea with us, very well job, i hope we will see this wonderful idea taken in account in the future.
  18. Maxo

    551 AHAIR

    i think we can have SUPERHAIR (collection power) including these powers : Hairf, Hairm, Khair, Hair2f, Ahair , also how about making a collection power called SUPERFASHION including : fashion power of course, stylist, makeup, Ahair, Khair, hairf, hair2f
  19. Your idea needs more explainations, please read this post " how to suggest " before posting : thank you
  20. Maxo

    551 AHAIR

    is this the new power ? please give us something different not an existing power with some modifications
  21. Maxo

    hello how you doing ? english hello GIF by Happy Motion

    1. Marya



      Good now Alhamdulliallah ,  thank you . Wbu ?

    2. Maxo


      fine too (hug) we missed you 

  22. Happy birthday @Nathan

    1. Nathan


      Thank you !

  23. Maxo

    picture rainbow GIF

    1. DUYGU


      these roses are great

  24. Maxo

    happy birthday @Booh

  25. happy birthday @DjCrazy 

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Maxo

    2. Maxo


      welcome dear enjoy your day (hug) 

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