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  1. Rip the football king Diego Armando Maradona :( 

    diego maradona GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor


    1. DUYGU


      He was an unforgettable football legend

  2. To be honest i don't like it too much, i think it could have been better than this way, anyway thanks for your efforts, i truly appreciate what you guys doing ( smiley makers ), and i hope to see a Goodfriday, a Nicefriday, a Coolfriday ... something good not only a BLACKfriday or Darkfriday ... lol. Thank you.
  3. This is a good idea, i totaly support it and i hope it will taken into consideration, but i think we have enough pawns, there was a lof ideas of pawns powers, and about the code that you mentionned " (hat#C) " if you can please edit it or change it because this one (hat#C) already exists, it's the code of the CROWN smiley that we have in HATS power. Thank you and i hope to see more ideas from you.
  4. Welcome to trade chat, see you on november 27th, i'll be there too, i hope i'll win some xats cuz i'm poor like miss volunteer @Solange ( i don't trust you, you're rich ) to increase my economy and invest.
  5. DUYGU

    Hi Maxo  (hug) how are you?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DUYGU


      I'm fine too thanks, nice to see you again on the forum

    3. Maxo



    4. DUYGU


      You're welcome

  6. Hello !! If it's a HTML player, you can contact Cupim directly through a forum message by clicking https://forum.xat.com/messenger/compose/?to=221.
  7. Maxo

    Forum Theme Mode

    It may require expenses and a long time, but for me I prefer to have more than one choice in this feature, such as the wallpaper in mobile phones. I think that this matter should have been considered before the inclusion of this feature. Anyway, this can be developed in the future, especially as the work team Here he is competent and knows what to do.
  8. Hello !! I don't think this has been suggested before since the theme mode is a new feature here in the forum. As you know now we have two theme modes: the light mode ( default ) and the dark one, my idea is how about adding other modes / other colors, especially of ranks or levels existing here in the forum xat, for exp : A dark blue color mode of wiki editors and translators, a blue sky color mode of game makers, a purple color mode of volunteers, an orange one of contributors, the gray color of members and adv members too why not ... This fe
  9. Everyone needs a break to think well to make a flashback before progressing a new steps.

  10. Here is my suggestion : 4 digits : (2020) this special year xD, (1013), (2225), (1410), (1988) 8 digits : (15250025), (02331644) 7 digits : (2211058), (0101225) 6 digits : (211021), (562100), (453398)
  11. I see that you are talented at generating excitement and suspense all users are going to be online xD
  12. Maxo

    HALOES Design

    Hello @NoSense nice drawing, you always bring a good ideas, i like this one, i hope you'll be one of smiley makers too why not, continue
  13. Bump @Crow how you doing man ? i've something to discuss with you, i'll send you a private message soon

  14. Hello !! go to https://util.xat.com/support/index.php and click on "Open New Ticket." Select the department "Email Change or Email Hint". Once you have done this, write a subject of five (5) more words and explain your issue in the message box. You may state that you would like to change your account's current email address to a new one. If you do NOT have access to the account, you would need a ticket under the help topic "Lost Access". In order to open a ticket in this department, you must use a secondary xat account. To retrieve a new ID number, use https://xt
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