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  1. happy birthday @Jedi

  2. maxo

    Banner Contest for Game

    very nice @Tigi good luck all
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  5. happy birthday and welcome to the forum (victory)

  6. maxo

    User app and game suggestions

    Crosswords puzzle if it's possible
  7. @Booh you made a powers super market here
  8. hamster / kmouse / mousie
  9. maxo

    What was your first power?

    @Thuk appbot is your first power ?
  10. wait wait if it's possible i like to know what's the mission of each and every member of staff here in the forum : volunteers, contributors, wiki editors, bot providers, moderators  ... ( smiley and games makers ) their missions are clear

    1. Leandro



    2. maxo


      ok @Leandro thank you

  11. maxo

    What superpower would you have?

    the ability to know what people think before they talk, through their looks or their visions
  12. maxo

    What Pokemon would you be?

    Alakazame / drawzy because I like mental power and hypnosis

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