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  1. Maxo

    596 RAINBOWS

    I see you're bringing a nice ideas @iSanty, good job, i hope we will see more, continue
  2. Hello i'm proposing to make a little difference between TRANSLATORS and EDITORS by changing a little bit the colour of some of them for exp : TRANSLATORS light blue, and EDITORS dark blue. @Andre ( not blue sky that's a game makers colour )

  3. Maxo

    Happy birthday @Booh

    1. Booh


      ty bro


  4. Happy birthday @DjCrazy crazy crazy (applause) 

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Maxo maxo (hug)

    2. Maxo


      Enjoy sweety (hug)(hug) 

  5. Maxo

    (seacalf) powers!

    Hello something like this has already been suggested. please use the search feature before suggesting next time. Thank you
  6. Hey you broke a record here :$ http://i.prntscr.com/uPGhs_eyRmOdfvR4Ewh5BQ.png 30 award for one post this is great hhh

    1. Stif


      This one has 64.

  7. Maxo

    Max ignore

    I saw the title i thought you're talking about me xD
  8. Yes, elreydelreino (1509522881)
  9. This suggestion will express something about the cultures of some countries. I find it a good suggestion, and I think it should be taken into consideration. Thnak you
  10. Maxo

    595 JAWS

    Good beginning @iSanty thank you for making this nice power.Continue
  11. Maxo

    594 TEDDI

    Oh i didn't reply for this i was busy this week, this seems a cute power especially that smiley of teddy love hhh, nice power thank you designer idk who made it anyway good job.
  12. I see there are " Welcome new volunteer, contributor, smiley maker, editor ... " and there is no WELCOME new TRANSLATOR (smirk) 

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    2. Maxo
    3. Angelo


      Anyone can create a thread wishing congratulations upon a user for an achievement such as that. It isn’t restricted to volunteers, it just so happened that Solange opened the thread.


      If you’re proud of a friend for achieving wiki translator, let them know! We just simply ask you do not create 3 threads a week, try to keep the forum organized.

    4. Maxo


      i know how to keep the forum organized

  13. @Andre check  the message in pv 

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