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  1. hi all, there are 2 weeks or more i didn't make an activity ( contest for exp ) because i'm busy at this time i'm creating my own association there are an administrative papers to prepare and some repairs ... my programme here in the forum is : 1st April i'll announce the 3rd HONORING person, before this there will be a background contest 

    1. Leandro


      Thank you for letting us now maxo, I was starting to worry.

    2. Maxo


      really ? i don't trust you :p 

  2. Maxo

    happy birthday @Champ

  3. Maxo

    Pls help

    yes members are a users each and every one use xat.com is a user ( members, moderators, owners, main ) i don't know if my answer is a convincing one for you because i don't understand what is exactly your problem
  4. Maxo

    Power Japonecita

    a very good different idea + a very nice design i like this suggestion @UniiK this power should be made by the smiley makers / designers i want to see it
  5. Maxo

    537 SKUNK

    this looks a cute animal power, i like it good job @Anti and ty. here is the reel one hhh
  6. Maxo

    happy birthday @iMano

  7. Maxo

    happy birthday amnita (hug) 

  8. Hellooo, who's here ? make some noise come ooon english hello GIF by Happy Motion

  9. happy birthday @Melody

  10. i wish a good luck to everybody, i hope everybody will achive his / her objectives, i'm sorry if i did something wrong, belive me i respect everybody whether you like me or not, i have no problem with nobody there is a problem of communication between me and some people which make them think that i'm a stranger lol maybe a difference of the way of thinking.  Greeting to all. ty

  11. Maxo

    Power "Gaty"

    we already have cat powers like gkitty, kat ... but i like your design @UniiK those smilies seem nice. good job and show us more works i see you're talented
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