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  1. good luck dear @Marya
  2. joking is over, you know what i like about official chats staff ? the majority still youth, they have a good level they have a main job not only xat xat xat, intellectuals like MAXO of course  ... i'm talking about them in a reality and this is important 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. maxo


      through this status i want to say they does not care only about xat.com or forum they have another things to do in their lives they have a job they are intellectuals ... you see

    3. Marya
    4. maxo
  3. happy birthday arthur 

  4. maxo


    elreydelreino (1509522881)
  5. good @Booh but try to look for another job you know sport is not a guaranteed source of life
  6. maxo

    Wallet Power

    from what i understood through your suggestion you propose the ability of seeing how many xats or days that others have but we already have " show " power my freind it's the same thing
  7. maxo

    New Smiley suggestion: Floss

    this looks a bite like stickman movements
  8. yes @Crow you're right life is full of surprises
  9. what field do you work / study in ? for me business management and sport
  10. maxo

    Ban the post that precedes you!

    i have banned myself for 9999 hours reason : am i going to be single forever ? i want to marry
  11. maxo

    happy birthday sonic 

  12. maxo

    Why? / Because!

    Because @Addict seems not happy Why you like coffee more than tea ?
  13. maxo

    Ban the post that precedes you!

    i have mazebanned @Angeline for 999 hours reason : ban anybody you want excepting me because i'm a gentleman
  14. maxo

    SuperValentine - New power suggestion

    @Bau i didn't say sending cards is not good i said it's not enough
  15. maxo

    SuperValentine - New power suggestion

    mmm i don't totaly support the idea because it needs more explainations, the name seems good but you need to develop the idea. SUPERVALENTINE ( collection ) " valentine " power will be included of course + other love's powers despite its name " superVALENTINE " the name has a relationship only with valentine power. how it works : for me sending a cards is not enough a collection power should give users the possibility to do a lof things or if you want it for sending cards change the name of your power suggestion

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