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  1. Happy birthday @Cherry, best wishes (hug)  

  2. Prize received, thank you so much i hope to see more contests like this one.
  3. Hi all !! I'm happy to have the opportunity to be a main owner in xat.com/xat, i'd like to thank @SLOom @LaFleur @Cupim @Junior for this. Thank you, by this occasion i've decided to make some fun on this month, and i hope all of you enjoy time with me, i hope you'll accept this . The planning is going to be like this : Friday, August 6th : A contest by asking questions about xat. Friday, August 13th : i'd like to make a contest of WHAT IS / WHO IS, it can be a power, a smiley, a chat room, a forum ... for exp : What is ANIME ? it's a power. For a person " WHO IS " the answer is going to be according of his / her mission in the forum, for exp Who is MAXO ? He is a wiki translator. Friday, August 20th : A contest of the Opposit word, it's simple i give you a word then you answer by its opposit Friday, August 27th : Some school questions especially on Grammar plus a randomuser to win some days The frist Background Contest for xat.com/xat : i think it's the first even when the chat was known by HTML5, you've to make an INNER and OUTER background, including of course the name of the chat " xat " and " Official xat development chat ". Notes for all : - There will be 30 questions for every contest - 200 xats for each winner - Deadline for the Background Contest : Sunday, August 22th at 10pm GMT+1 From Today. 1st place : 6k 2nd place : 4k 3rd place : 2k 4th place : 900 xats - Jude and Prize Holder : Myself - Time : 10pm GMT+1 Thank you and good luck
  4. Thank you all and welcome to xat.com/xat
  5. http://i.prntscr.com/qxIQ3S6YScGpGxpwb5fUIw.png 177
  6. Maxo

    Happy birthday Enter 

  7. http://i.prntscr.com/YGHeGXhnTL_Amk_NY6zQUg.png 146
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